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HIFU London

HIFU London

The High-intensity Focused Ultrasound Facelift in London

HIFU, the effective non-invasive facelift treatment is now available at our clinics in London.

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Signs Ageing

How to Stop the First Signs of Ageing Naturally

Ageing is a natural process that affects all beings. The first wrinkles and fine lines appear around the age of 20. Even though you can’t stop ageing, there are ways to slow its progress and look young until late in life. A balanced diet combined with proper skin care and regular exercise can do wonders for your complexion. No anti-aging cream or serum can match the benefits of good nutrition.

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HIFU Newcastle

HIFU Newcastle

The High-intensity ultrasound facelift at VIVO Clinic Newcastle

HIFU facelifts are a revolutionary new use of a tried and tested medical technology. Designed to lift and tighten facial muscles, HIFU is now available at our clinic in Newcastle.

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Cavitation Glasgow

Ultrasound Cavitation Glasgow

Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Reduction at VIVO Clinic Glasgow

Non-invasive and pain free, ultrasound cavitation is a popular new fat reduction treatment which is now available at our clinic in Glasgow.

The procedure uses ultra-low sound frequencies to disrupt fat cells, often yielding an almost immediate girth reduction, with further results following a series of treatments*.

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Fat Freeze

Fat Freezing London

High-Definition Cryolipolysis fat freezing comes to London

HD LipoFreeze, the UK’s leading brand of fat freezing technology is only available at VIVO Clinic, and the service is now available at our new London clinic.

Residents of our nation’s capital now have easy access to our advanced fat loss technology.

In-depth information about this treatment, including research and frequently asked questions, can be found here.

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