58 Countries that accept pre-travel lateral flow tests

The UK recently updated travel rules making travel easier; what countries can be visited using the more affordable lateral flow tests?

Posted on: 14/02/2022

The UK government has recently revised foreign travel to make overseas visits more affordable. While fully vaccinated travellers need no longer worry about additional COVID-19 tests before or after arriving in the UK, the same cannot be said about the rest of the world.

Regardless of the vaccination status of international visitors, most countries still require proof of negative PCR tests upon arrival. Some countries go a step further in terms of Covid security by imposing mandatory quarantine.

However, more countries in recent months have begun to allow foreign visitors to gain entry as long as they can present negative results from lateral flow tests.

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Why are lateral flow tests more affordable?

Lateral flow tests, also known as rapid antigen tests, assess swab samples using a lateral flow device (similar to pregnancy tests) for detecting SARS-CoV-2 antigens.

Lateral flow tests provide results within 15-30 minutes and can easily be used at any clean location.

As to why they are cheaper than PCR tests, lateral flow tests do not require a laboratory to analyze the swab samples taken from a subject.



When to take the test

(the period before departure, except where stated)

Albania 48 hours before arrival
Antigua and Barbuda 4 days
Argentina 48 hours
Aruba 24 hours
The Bahamas 72 hours before arrival
Belgium 72 hours before arrival
Belize 48 hours
Bermuda 3 days
Bonaire/Saba 24 hours before departure (Bonaire) /48 hours before arrival (Saba)
Brazil 24 hours
British Virgin Islands 48 hours before arrival
Cape Verde 48 hours
Cayman Islands 1 day
Croatia 48 hours
Cyprus 24 hours
Denmark 48 hours
Ecuador 72 hours
Egypt 24 hours
Finland 48 hours
France 48 hours
French Polynesia 24 hours
Germany 48 hours
Gibraltar 48 hours
Greece 24 hours
Guatemala 3 days before arrival
Guyana 72 hours before arrival
Haiti 72 hours
Honduras 72 hours before arrival
Iceland 72 hours
Israel 24 hours
Italy 24 hours
Jamaica 72 hours
Latvia 48 hours
Lebanon 24 hours
Lichtenstein 48 hours
Lithuania 48 hours before arrival
Luxembourg 48 hours before entry
Moldova 48 hours before arrival
Montenegro 48 hours before arrival
The Netherlands 24 hours
The Occupied Palestinian Territories 24 hours
Panama 72 hours before arrival
Paraguay 24 hours
Poland 24 hours before arrival
Portugal 48 hours
San Marino 48 hours before arrival
Saudi Arabia 48 hours
Slovenia 24 hours
St Maarten 24 hours
Suriname 24 hours
Sweden 72 hours
Switzerland 24 hours before arrival
Tunisia 24 hours
Turkey 48 hours before entry
Turks and Caicos Islands 3 days before arrival
Ukraine 72 hours before entry


Important: Even though we attempt to keep our travel guidance and information up to date, the swiftly evolving nature of foreign travel policies and entry requirements can (and do) change at any time. As such, the above list will be updated as soon as new information surfaces. We strongly recommend that if your destination is on this list, please confirm the information presented by referring to the government’s foreign travel advice. Furthermore, all the countries listed here are hyperlinked with their corresponding entry requirements pages on the government’s portal.

While we will attempt to update this article with real-time information, you can find the countries not listed here on VIVO Clinic’s travel portal.

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