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The VIVO Consultation

Our consultation is unlike any other; an exceedingly trained professional will interpret data collated through an analysis of your body’s current state. With the use of the latest in house technology, we can determine your actual biological age. Yes, it is often said that age is only a number but in this case, this number matters, as it gives you a better understanding as to how much your body has metabolically aged.

Our mechanical and computer technology assesses your body in every aspect, including the cardiovascular, metabolic, and lymphatic and immune system, to determine the efficiency and health of your body. This information is immensely important as it enables us to provide the right treatment and take into account any medical issues that may conflict with any of our treatments. Additionally, we undertake a comprehensive health check comprising of a blood pressure check, cholesterol count and a pulse and resting electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement.

vivo consultation room

During the consultation, We also provide detailed nutritional advice based on the composition of your body matter, such as water weight, bone density and actual fat percentage. We stay clear of the standard BMI calculation, which can be extremely inaccurate. Our information allows us to establish the exact calorie intake suitable for you and is not just the government recommended amounts of 2500kcal for men and 2000kcal for women, which are based on averages. Everyone is different, and we tailor everything to our patients because everyone’s overall weight comprises of some aspects, which we take into account to ensure exceptional weight loss results. The information collected is completely confidential and will be used for the purpose of the treatment only.

Our treatments are not for everyone; therefore, it is important for us to understand the patient’s current state as well as their goals. At the consultation, with the use of this information, our physicians will come to an educated conclusion on whether or not you are an ideal patient. In either case, we will allow patients to take home, any of the information we have collected, allowing those who are eligible, to take all the time they need to come to a decision. For those who chose not to undertake our treatments at the very least, they now have an in-depth understanding of their body.

Please note we do not discriminate in any way and are completely unbiased. Therefore, if you have been declined treatment, it is due to your personal circumstances, to which we do not believe our services will benefit. However, we are happy to help in any other way possible and will always set you in the right direction.




Here at VIVO Clinic, we understand that exposing your body and personal information is somewhat daunting. Therefore, we would like to reassure you that all of the information collated is completely confidential and will not be used for data analysis or handed to third parties. We also understand patients may prefer either male or female consultants in which case we will be happy to arrange this for you.