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Coronavirus Silver Linings : Part 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed one of the worst human catastrophes ever seen on this planet and over 800,000 people, unfortunately, have lost their lives so far. But amid all the pain, doom, and suffering, there have been a few glimmers of light. Things that have heartened us against the dire news we’ve endured every day. Here is our list of the most uplifting things that have happened during the pandemic.

We have experienced an upsurge in community spirit

Not since the Second World War have we seen such an upswell in community spirit like the one we experienced during the long lockdown months. People have jumped at the chance to help those in need. Thousands of people up and down the country volunteered for the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme and were standing by at all times of the day to get groceries and medication for the elderly and those shielding. Every Thursday entire communities stepped out onto their doorstep (socially distancing of course) clapping and banging pans together to show their appreciation for the NHS and those caring for the sick. Never in the history of this generation has so much love been shown to the people on the front line dealing with this horrible virus every day.

NHS Thanks

Pollution dropped massively

The Covid-19 pandemic shut vast swathes of the workforce down as enforced lockdowns prevented people from leaving their homes. With factories not spewing forth tons of harmful gasses and cars being kept off the road, air quality and pollution levels plummeted. The air in major cities became breathable again and wildlife returned to places they hadn’t been in decades.

In India footage of a stag running through the city of Dehradun went viral and gangs of wild turkeys roamed the streets of Oakland in California. A Puma was seen walking nonchalantly through the streets of the Chilean capital Santiago and the water in Venice became its cleanest in forty years prompting a smorgasbord of marine wildlife to return (although sightings of dolphins in the Venice canals were wildly exaggerated).

Nature Pollution