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Coronavirus Silver Linings : Part 2

Every cloud has a silver lining, and so too does this pandemic. In fact, despite all of the unpleasantness, we’ve seen loads of good things that have cheered us up and restored our faith in humanity.

Celebrity sing-a-longs in lockdown

Just as we all began to feel that all hope was lost during lockdown our saviours arrived in the form of celebrities who took to social media like flies to days old dog poop to keep us entertained (and make sure we remember how popular they are in our time of need). Stars like Billie Eilish, Gary Barlow, Dave Grohl, Cliff Richard, Ronan Keating, and even Sir Patrick Stewart (reading Shakespeare sonnets no less) have regaled us with their talents while we have been stuck trying to home school ecstatic children who just want to play Call of Duty.


Good hygiene is back in fashion

Washing your hands before Coronavirus was, let’s be honest, an optional thing. Maybe after we went to the bathroom we would do it but other than that we might do it when… Nah, let’s be honest we didn’t. What was the harm? We couldn’t catch anything, right? Little did we know.

Health experts have been telling us for years to wash our hands regularly, but we’ve ignored it in favour of licking them clean after a ham sandwich. Apparently, pre-lockdown 69 per cent of men didn’t even wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Coronavirus changed all that and following on from stern-looking scientists telling us of the grave consequences of not washing our hands, we all began to clean them properly after watching the hysterical YouTube video of the Korean Police Gangnam styling their way through a hand wash dance. Scientist take note, every message is better (and more likely to be followed) if Korean Police dance to it.

girl is washing hands

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