The PCR Test is a swab test that certifies if you are currently infected with COVID-19. VIVO Clinic have partnered with government accredited laboratories to offer this.

Clients are required to take a sample of their nose or mouth. Once this has been sent to the laboratory, medical professionals will analyse this sample to establish if genetic material linked to COVID-19 is present. This is in contrast to antibody tests.

A positive result confirms that you are infected with COVID-19.

Corona virus test kit - Swab sample for PCR DNA testing

What comes with the PCR Test?

When you order the PCR Test, you will receive the following:

  • Swab
  • Test tube with preservative liquid
  • Postage envelope

You are also entitled to a free pre-test and post-test consultation when you purchase this type of COVID-19 test.

How do you perform the PCR Test?

The PCR Test is a swab test. You must use the swab to take a sample of your nose or throat. By doing so, the swab should pick up genetic material related to COVID-19, if you are infected.

Next, you must place the swab in the preservative liquid in the test tube, and make sure it is sealed correctly. Send the sample off to the laboratory in the postage envelope provided.

If you are unsure how to perform the PCR Test, you can contact us on 0333 305 8486 and we will talk you through it.

Should I take the PCR Test if am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?

Yes, this type of COVID-19 test should be taken if you are suffering from symptoms of the coronavirus. The PCR Test determines if you are currently infected with the coronavirus, and symptoms are signs that the infection may be present.

If you experience symptoms of the coronavirus, you should take the swab test as soon as possible to check if you are infected. It is important to remember that whether or not you take the test, you should self-isolate if you experience symptoms to protect yourself and others around you.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 infection?

Those who are infected with COVID-19 tend to experience a dry, continuous cough and a high temperature. Other symptoms of the infection include fatigue, muscle pain and a sore throat.

If you think you may be infected with the coronavirus, you should visit the NHS website:

What do the results mean?

If you receive a positive result from the PCR Test, this shows that you are infected with the coronavirus.

A negative result implies that you are not infected with COVID-19. Please be advised that if you are not currently infected with coronavirus, and receive a negative result, this does not mean that you will not catch it in the future.

If you receive a negative result, you should remain vigilant and practise good hygiene and social distancing.

Does the PCR Test identify antibodies?

No. This type of COVID-19 test focuses on the identification of DNA linked to the coronavirus rather than antibodies. By doing so, the PCR Test can establish if a person is infected with the coronavirus.

VIVO Clinic offer two types of antibody test which can determine if COVID-19 antibodies are present within your blood. This type of COVID-19 indicates if you have previously been infected with the coronavirus.