Minimising the spread of COVID-19 Important Information
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COVID-19 Test Clinic

VIVO Group are a COVID-19 Test Clinic with locations across the UK. We are implementing additional health and safety measures to facilitate testing in a manner which protects our staff and customers.

During In-Clinic Testing, our Healthcare Professionals will supervise and instruct clients on how to perform an Antibody Test. This COVID-19 test will determine if an individual has previously been infected with the coronavirus.

By undergoing In-Clinic Testing, you will have the guidance and support of our Healthcare Professionals, who can help you plan your next steps once you receive your results.

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COVID-19 Test Clinic

What type of test is used?

An antibody test is used during at the COVID-19 Test Clinic. This type of COVID-19 test is a finger-prick test which determines if antibodies related to the coronavirus are present. If you receive a positive result, this indicates that you have previously been infected with COVID-19. We also sell UKAS approved home test kits.

How does a COVID-19 Test Clinic work?

You must make an appointment for In-Clinic Testing. VIVO Clinic do not accept walk-ins.

When you arrive for In-Clinic Testing, you will be screened to check that you do not have a high temperature, and are not presenting symptoms of COVID-19 that show you might be currently infected. If you do have a high temperature and are showing signs that you may be infected with COVID-19, you will not be allowed to enter the clinic.

Once you have passed the screening test, our Healthcare Professional will take you to a separate room to undergo the antibody finger-prick test. They will give you all the necessary components, and guide you through how to perform the test, while keeping a distance. They will give you paperwork regarding your results, which will indicate whether you have previously been infected with COVID-19.

What is involved in the antibody test?

The antibody test is a finger-prick test which involves collecting a blood sample. After disinfecting the finger, a lancet is used to pierce the skin. Next, a pipette is used to collect a few droplets of blood, which is transferred to a test cassette. Finally, buffer solution is added to the blood sample. Results can be seen within 15 minutes, which will indicate whether antibodies related to COVID-19 are present within the sample.

Will staff be wearing Personal Protective Equipment?

Yes. Our staff will be provided with all the relevant PPE, including masks, gloves and aprons.

Should I book an appointment for In-Clinic Testing if I am experiencing symptoms?

No. If you are experiencing symptoms such as a dry, continuous cough and a high temperature, this implies that you are infected with COVID-19 and you should self-isolate immediately. You should only book and attend an appointment for In-Clinic Testing at least 2 weeks after you have recovered from symptoms, to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

If you have booked an appointment for In-Clinic Testing, and find that you suffer from symptoms before you are due to attend your appointment, you should reschedule your appointment by calling us on 0333 305 8486. We will rebook your appointment when you have recovered from your symptoms and are no longer infectious.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

You must bring a form of identification to the appointment. VIVO Clinic also recommends that you bring warm clothing, particularly gloves, as this will help blood circulation and make it easier to take a sample. You should bring a mobile phone in case you need to contact someone after your appointment.