CryoPen™ skin imperfection treatments

VIVO Clinic uses advanced CryoPen™ technology to provide cryotherapy solutions for skin imperfections such as warts, pigmentation, and skin tags.

Our Cryotherapy procedures are safe and generally take less than 10 minutes.




The Science

The CryoPen™ produces highly pressurised nitrous oxide in an accurate jet that our skilled practitioner uses to precisely target the wart, blemish, or other skin perfection. The super-fine jet is accurate to within 1mm of the target area.

The fluid freezes the cells of the treated area, destroying the tissues as the membranes are ruptured. CryoPen™ is a precision tool, so the treatment will only affect the targeted area, leaving the healthy tissue intact.

Why Cryotherapy?

Cutbacks within the NHS have resulted in many doctors no longer offering the treatment and removal of cosmetic skin imperfections.

With CryoPen™, we’re able to offer a service that is fast, affordable, and safe. See videos of CryoPen™ in action.

Cryotherapy Prices

Please Note: Clients may need more than one treatment. The number of treatments required can vary depending on the skin condition being treated its response to the procedure.

Number of Treatments Price
1 £120
Number of Treatments Price
1 €145
Number of Treatments Price
1 $170
Number of Treatments Price
1 DH 3685

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

Treatment Areas

Cryotherapy can treat a range different skin imperfections, including:

Before the Treatment

Before the treatment, we will conduct a consultation over the phone. During the call, we will assess your requirements and answer any questions that you have about Cryotherapy.

In some cases, we may require you to come into the clinic or send in photographs so that we can assess whether Cryotherapy is suitable.

Once we have established this information, we can accurately advise you of the price and book you in for your treatment.

Wart Removal

The Treatment

The treatment is conducted in three short stages:

First Freeze

The practitioner will apply the CryoPen™ to the treatment area, freezing it for up to 30 seconds. The duration of the first cycle will depend upon the depth and the size of the imperfection.


We allow the area to defrost for approximately 30 seconds between the first and second freeze.

Second Freeze

The freezing process is repeated for a second time. During this cycle, the cells will freeze quicker.


With preparation, the whole process will take less than 10 minutes, after which you can resume your day as normal.

For more information, please call us on 0333 012 4956 or book a free telephone consultation.