Day 2 Antigen Test FAQs

Where should I submit my Day 2 antigen test result?

Please submit your results to our secure web portal, accessed via this link:

How should I submit my Day 2 test result?

You should submit your test result using our secure web portal. When accessing the submission page, you will be required to fill in a form with your contact information, flight number, test reference number, and vaccination status, among other things.

Your test result should be submitted as a photo. The photo must have your lateral flow device (antigen test cassette), the ID page of your passport, and your test reference number written on a small sheet of paper. All three items should be in a single, clear frame.

An Image Detailing How Antigen Test Result Should be Submitted

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How can I scan the QR code on the lateral flow device during submission?

Scanning the QR code on your lateral flow device and sharing the number on our submission portal is very important.

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or your laptop to scan the QR code on the lateral flow device (antigen test cassette). If you are using an Android or Windows device, you may need additional QR code scanning apps.

For detailed information, please refer to this article: How to scan QR codes.

When will I receive my Day 2 certificate?

You will receive your Day 2 test result certificate approximately 24 hours after you have submitted your result on our registration portal.

How will I know if my antigen test result registration/submission is successful?

Once you have submitted your test result via our submission portal, you will get an on-screen message telling you that it has been received by us.

You will receive your Day 2 test result certificate within 24 hours of your submission.

What should I do if my antigen test result is positive?

If your Day 2 antigen test returns a positive result, you must enter quarantine for 10 days. As soon as you begin self-isolating, please take a PCR test to confirm the antigen test result.

You can book a free PCR test from the NHS through their website or by calling them on 119.

What should I do if my antigen test result is invalid?

If your antigen test result comes out invalid, you must order another test as soon as you can.

Nonetheless, you will receive documentation with your result from us.

What if my result is unclear?

Just as you would with invalid results, if you have difficulty understanding the result on your lateral flow device, you must order another test and complete it as soon as possible.

Which one is the test reference number?

You will find the test reference number under the ‘Traveller Details’ section of your Day 2 antigen test booking email confirmation. It is near the bottom, above the Billing address.

The test reference number starts with VIVOC followed by seven digits, for instance, VIVOC1234567.

You will need this number not only to submit your result on our website, but also when you are filling the passenger locator form.

Antigen Test Reference Number




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