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Fat Freezing Machine – HD Lipo Freeze

HD Lipo offers pioneering fat freezing machines to salons and home users

The science behind Cold Lipolysis (fat freezing) is clinically proven, so it’s no wonder that cosmetic clinics and salons in the UK are showing an increased interest in acquiring a fat freezing machine in order to expand their services.

Now, even the general public are looking into ways to freeze their fat at home, with things like the crude but affordable SlimFreeze, from America’s Home Shopping Mall.

Now VIVO Clinic is pleased to announce that we are offering our range of unique, and highly effective HD Lipo Freeze machines to clinics, salons and even people interested in freezing fat at home.

HD Fat Freezing

The HD Lipo Freeze+ Fat Freezing Machine

Our top of the range flagship machine (pictured at the top of the page) is capable if treating multiple large areas simultaneously. Suitable for clinics and salons, the HD Lipo Freeze machine is capable of continuous use, and as a result, we have had customers who have recouped their expenditure on the very first day.

As well as Cold Lipolysis fat freezing, the HD Lipo Freeze+ machine also delivers the following features:

  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
  • Vacuum Wave Rolling

It’s range of features allow clinics and salons and clinics to expand the range of services that they offer, without investing in four separate pieces of technology.

You can buy with confidence as all of our machine come with unrivalled support and optional 0% finance.

Prices vary depending on the accessories that you require.

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The HD Lipo Freeze Nano

The Nano machine is just used for Cold Lipolysis fat freezing, and while this little machine doesn’t have all of the features of its larger counterpart, it is highly effective. The size and affordability of the Nano makes it ideal for smaller salons.

Portable Cryolipolysis Machine

People wishing to freeze their fat in the comfort of their own home can reap the benefits of the Nano, which is far more advanced and effective than any other fat freezing machine that is currently available to the consumer.


Just like with the HD Lipo Freeze, we offer the same support, and also offer 0% finance, if required.

Prices vary depending on the accessories that you require.

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The fat freezing revolution is here, and now you too can benefit from the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the pioneering HD Lipo Freeze technology from VIVO Clinic.