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VIVO Finance

VIVO Clinic 0% Interest Finance Option

Here at VIVO Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a 0% Interest free finance option to all of our customers. How it works is simple! After you have paid your deposit you can put up to £200 finance on any transformation package and up to £100 finance on any other treatment over £200.

The finance will be offered internally by VIVO Clinic at a 0% rate with no credit check required which means you only pay the treatment cost and no additional.

VIVO Clinic will simply require you to complete a, “Promise To Pay Agreement,” which states that you promise to pay the finance back within a set period of time. To opt for the finance option we simply need proof of identification, proof of address and direct debit details to set up the finance.

Failure of this/defaults on finance payments can lead to and will lead to the initiation of legal proceedings.

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