Fit to Fly PCR Tests made easy

If you are about to embark on a trip abroad and your destination country requires pre-travel PCR tests, we have you covered.

We appreciate that foreign travel has always been an objectively stressful ordeal, even during the pre-pandemic days.

However, the situation has quickly escalated into a situation where now you have to constantly watch out for new rules and revised travel updates.

The things we now have to consider before travel are innumerable; mandatory on-arrival quarantine, the Covid tests before and the Covid tests after, vaccination status, etc.

Although the Covid vaccine programmes around the world have admittedly made travel during the pandemic much easier for everyone who qualifies as fully vaccinated, most countries still prefer their incoming international travellers to present PCR test results at the border.

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However, following a few simple rules can actually make the entire situation slightly less hectic. While ordering or booking PCR tests from us is as straightforward as can be, there are always scenarios pertaining to your destination country’s entry requirements to consider.

An Infographic Detailing the Easy Steps of Booking Pre-travel PCR tests

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