How to do a Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

Read about how to take your Day 2 lateral flow test and submit your results on our secure portal.

Day 2 lateral flow tests are the latest to join the ranks of COVID-19 travel tests. In a bid to make foreign travel more affordable, the UK government has introduced new travel rules legitimizing lateral flow tests for foreign travel purposes.

To be eligible to use Day 2 lateral flow tests after arriving in the UK, the traveller:

  • Must be fully vaccinated, or under 18 years of age (in most cases)
  • Must not have travelled to or transited through a red list country in the past 10 days of arriving in the UK.

Eligible travellers must book their Day 2 antigen tests prior to travelling back to the UK. On booking a Day 2 test, VIVO Clinic provides a unique reference number (starting VIVOC) confirming the booking. The reference number must be entered in the pre-flight passenger locator form, thus the advance booking requirement.

Also, it is very important to note that all COVID-19 travel tests, including Day 2 antigen tests, must be purchased from government-listed private providers. Antigen tests and other COVID-19 tests supplied by the NHS must not be used for foreign travel purposes.

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How to use VIVO Clinic’s Day 2 Antigen Tests

There are only a few simple steps you must adhere to when taking their Day 2 antigen test.

  1. Order your Day 2 lateral flow test to be delivered via post. You may also click and collect.
  2. You will be provided with a unique reference number once you have placed your order with VIVO Clinic. You must fill in a passenger locator form 48 hours before departing for the UK. You must include the reference number in this form.
  3. Be sure to take the Day 2 antigen test as soon as possible after your arrival in the UK. A Day 2 test must not be taken any later than the second day of your arrival.
  4. Carefully read the enclosed instructions before you proceed with self-testing. The video below details the steps of taking an antigen test:
  1. Take a clear photo of the test reading placed next to the ID page of your passport and the test reference number written legibly on a small piece of paper. Use the image below as reference or view this video:

An Image Detailing How Antigen Test Result Should be Submitted

  1. You will receive verified results documentation within 24 hours* of submitting your antigen test reading to us.

How to submit the antigen test result

You will simply have to share an image of your antigen test result on our online on

Alternatively, you can click on the button below to access our result submission page.

Submit your antigen test result

Before you are able to submit your test result, you will be required to fill in a form to include your full name, contact details, gender, ethnicity, and passport number, among other such information.

Scanning the QR code

During the submission process, you must scan the QR code on the lateral flow device of your antigen test, please refer to this page if you have trouble doing it:

A few things to keep in mind when photographing your antigen test’s lateral flow device with the result:

  • Make sure you focus on the QR code of the lateral flow device
  • Ensure that the QR code is well lit and not obscured by the reflection from the camera’s flash or any other sources
  • Your passport must be opened to show its ID page
  • Your test reference number must be written on a small sheet of paper
  • The photo must be taken from directly above; avoid any angle (refer to the image posted above).

Antigen tests for travel

Other than Day 2 antigen tests, you will be able to purchase fit to fly antigen tests from VIVO Clinic. You can use lateral flow tests to travel to several countries around the world from the UK, as well as for returning to the UK.


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*Although we try our best to validate the result submissions and return Day 2 cetificates within 24 hours, this time may increase slightly during busier periods.



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