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Lipolysis FAQ

Laser Lipolysis Science

It’s easy moaning about your weight and not doing anything about it, but its even better feeling and looking great, just let us show you how. For those who are quite ambivalent about surgery, VIVO Clinic offers an alternative. Often referred to as a non-invasive approach to liposuction, Laser Lipolysis is a safe and painless modality to targeting fat.

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Laser Lipolysis Science Explained

Whilst traditional methods of liposuction require extensive levels of surgery and downtime, laser lipolysis science takes a gentler approach. Initially, designed to access target areas restricted to liposuction, laser lipolysis is now dubbed the lunchtime treatment, and is a revolutionary step towards helping everyone achieve that perfect body.

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With the use of low-level energy lasers, multiple fatty cell membranes are penetrated, resulting in a temporary incision and the break down of triglycerides. This aperture acts as an exit route for the liquefied fat to pour out of. The fatty acids and glycerol then reside in the interstitial space until they are absorbed by the bodies natural metabolic system. This process is something our body naturally does in order to use up stored energy. Laser lipolysis is therefore a simple and natural approach to shrinking fat cells.

Laser Lipolysis Science

In a clinical test which took place between 2009 and 2012, over 2000 people with ages up to 73 underwent laser lipolysis treatments in a controlled environment. 75% of the test group was female whilst the remaining 25% was male. The procedures were carried out on multiple sites around the body including the flanks, love handles, stomach, thighs and neck. Before each session the measurements of each candidate were recorded, accurately documenting each person’s height, weight, diameter and skin tightness etc. At the beginning of each subsequent session, each of these attributes was reordered again. Read the results.