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Maximize Your Workouts in 4 Simple Steps

Do you have only 30 minutes to exercise? Want to get the most out of your workouts? No problem! You don’t have to spend long hours at the gym to reach your goals. Proper planning is the key to an effective workout. Train, eat, sleep, and repeat. It’s that simple. Here are some simple tips to supercharge your workouts

Train at High Intensity

Whether you’re doing push-ups or running on the treadmill, keep the intensity high. Thousands of studies suggest that high intensity training leads to greater muscle and strength gains. Instead of putting more weight on the bar, increase workout intensity. Squeeze every muscle and train it to failure. Replace cardio with HIIT to boost your metabolism and torch fat.

Do Compound Exercises

Lunges, squats, deadlifts, military presses, pull-ups and other compound moves engage nearly every muscle in your body. Research shows that multi-joint exercises increase testosterone and growth hormone levels, which helps create an anabolic environment.  Isolation movements have their role, but compound exercises are more effective for building muscle and strength.


Have a Plan

Many people go to the gym without having a plan. They enter the weight room, thinking about what workouts to do next. Just like everything else, fitness requires planning. Before hitting the gym, decide what muscles you’re going to train, what exercises you’ll do, and how many sets you’ll complete. Keep a fitness log to track your results. Check your progress once every few weeks and adjust your workouts accordingly. It might help to chose from this database of workouts.


Keep Your Workouts Varied

Try new workouts to keep your body guessing. If you do the same workouts over and over again, you’ll hit a plateau. Shock your muscles into growth by changing the number of sets, adding new moves, and lifting heavier weights. For example, if you usually work with dumbbells, use the barbell more often. Do five sets instead of four. Decrease the number of reps, but put more plates on the bar.

A Helping Hand

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