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International Men’s Day: Why Is It Important?

International Mens Day

*TRIGGER WARNING: This article covers issues related to mental health such as suicide.* International Men’s Day takes place on 19th November every year, in over 60 different countries around the world. In this article, we will explore the purpose of International Men’s Day, and what you can do to celebrate it. What is it? International Men’s Day …read more

It’s Time To Embrace Hair Loss, and Take Action!

Adam Rickitt Embrace Hair loss

Although there is not necessarily a stigma attached to hair loss, many people find it incredibly difficult to talk about. This needs to change! Losing your hair should not lead to feelings of embarrassment or shame. In the majority of cases, hair loss is a perfectly natural part of life, whether this is through age or …read more

Cryolipolysis Liverpool

Cryolipolysis Liverpool

Our revolutionary Cryolipolysis fat reduction treatment is now available our Liverpool Clinic Cryolipolysis is the freezing of fat to destroy fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding skin cells or tissue. Recently this has become a very popular treatment, even more so because celebrities are amongst the clients who are now choosing Cryolipolysis. At …read more

5 Best Apps to Aid Weight Loss

Weight Loss Apps

It can be challenging to lose weight on your own, and often it is easy to lose motivation. Apps are a great way of solving both of these problems as they record and store your calorie intake. Furthermore, the majority of apps provide helpful dietary information and suggest meal plans and exercises that ensure you …read more

HIFU Liverpool

HIFU Liverpool

Due to popular demand, our advanced High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Face Lift treatment is available at VIVO Clinic in Liverpool. HIFU technology has revolutionised the cosmetic industry by allowing a new kind of facelift that is easy and non-invasive. It is a great and affordable alternative to dangerous surgery, which effectively tightens the skin. The …read more

Zwift Running Makes Treadmill Training Fun Again

Zwift Running

Zwift uses the latest technology to put the fun back into exercise without making you work any harder. Gone are the days of you running on a treadmill in the same room over and over again! This app transforms your surroundings and transports you all around the world so you can run and explore at …read more

Hair Restoration Birmingham

Thick Hair

At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we now offer the latest Hair Restoration treatment! About hair loss Hair loss is an overwhelming experience for many and often comes out of nowhere, leaving you feeling helpless and upset. If you lose more than the average of 50 to 100 hairs a day or notice thinning hair and a …read more

SIXPAD: What You Need to Know


Fitness technology has boomed over the last few years and continues to do so. There are hundreds of different fitness trackers and smartwatches that count everything from calories burned to how much sleep you get. SIXPAD is one of the latest technologies to emerge into the fitness market, offering equipment to train your muscles while …read more

Plasma Eye Lift London

Plasma Eye Lift in London

Due to the popularity of the Plasma Eye Lift, this procedure is now available at VIVO Clinic in London! At VIVO Clinic London, we used advanced Plasma technology. This allows us to perform a non-surgical Blepharoplasty that is safer than surgical procedures, without any of the risks! What is the Plasma Eye Lift? Our Plasma …read more

Artificial Light Is it Bad for Your Health?

Artificial Light

Nowadays, the presence of artificial light in our daily lives is at its highest level. Natural light is important for your health, as this influences the body’s circadian clock or rhythm. This cycle lasts roughly twenty-four hours and tells you when you should eat, sleep and be productive. The circadian clock corresponds to the solar cycle …read more