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Take your PCR test in Leeds with VIVO Clinic for same-day results and a fit-to-fly certificate.

During these unprecedented times, foreign travel has become especially difficult. While governments worldwide are focused on curbing the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, travel restrictions are becoming more stringent with each passing day.

You will find that almost every country in the world requires visitors to take a PCR test before letting them enter. Moreover, the UK government does not allow the free NHS COVID-19 tests to be used for travel.

Conversely, the PCR tests by VIVO Clinic are being catered especially to travellers and holidaymakers. Our tests in Leeds not only give you the option to choose between same-day and next-day results, but we also provide a fit-to-fly certificate if you receive a negative result.

PCR Test, a Mask and Passport

What is a PCR test?

The PCR test is the most widely recognized technique of detecting a current COVID-19 infection in a person. The test involves extracting samples from the nose or the throat using a swab and examining them to determine the presence of the virus RNA.

How reliable are PCR tests?

PCR tests have a reputation for 100% sensitivity. Of all the COVID-19 tests available currently, PCR tests are considered the most reliable by experts globally.

Why do I need a PCR test to travel?

The need for pre-travel PCR tests has, more or less, become the norm for foreign travel. It is in part due to the global effort of preventing the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a country that will welcome foreign visitors without first confirming that they do not have a COVID-19 infection. PCR tests are the internationally accepted tool for this.

Therefore, if your destination country’s entry requirement states a mandatory pre-departure PCR test is necessary, you must take the test.

When should I book the in-clinic PCR test?

Booking your test within 72 hours of your flight is advisable but may not be necessary. The most common requirement imposed is a negative result from a PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before departure. However, this time window is not definite, and many countries offer more generous required timings.

Please refer to the government’s website for up-to-date entry requirements around the world.

Will you provide me with a fit-to-fly certificate?

If your test result comes back negative for COVID-19, you can rest assured that you will receive a fit-to-fly certificate from us along with your result.

Is your laboratory regulated?

Yes, it is. Our laboratory’s certificate number is CRT1-4708702735, it is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

How are your PCR tests in Leeds done?

We use the standard methods of PCR testing. Samples from your nose and throat will be extracted with swabs. The samples will then be sent to our laboratory for testing.

Our clinic’s colleagues are medically trained and will systematically guide you through the entire sample collection process.

You can check the video to prepare yourself beforehand.

Can I find out about a previous infection with a PCR test?

PCR tests are used to find current infections only.

VIVO Clinic’s at-home immune response test can help you find out about any previous COVID-19 infection you may have had.

What if my PCR test result comes back positive for COVID-19?

You must enter quarantine immediately for a ten-day period. You must postpone your travels until you have recovered.

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