PCR Test Southampton

Get your PCR tests in Southampton with VIVO Clinic. We deliver results on the same day and provide fit-to-fly certificates with every negative test.

PCR tests have come to play an essential role in the everyday lives of everyone worldwide. Now, nothing is more than curbing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the progress made by the vaccine rollouts. Thus, foreign travel regulations in almost every country include PCR tests as mandatory requirements from visitors.

If you are planning on a trip abroad, your destination country’s chances of imposing pre-travel PCR tests on foreign visitors are quite high. Furthermore, NHS does not allow their COVID-19 tests to be used by holidaymakers and travellers.

On the other hand, VIVO Clinic’s PCR tests are meant to accommodate foreign travel requirements solely. Our PCR tests in Southampton are perfect for travellers, whether they are going abroad on essential business or for leisure.

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What are PCR tests?

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are an internationally recognized laboratory testing technique used to identify whether an individual has a COVID-19 infection.

How reliable are PCR tests?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, PCR tests have been tried and tested, and expert opinion cites that they are the most reliable method of detecting coronavirus infections.

Why are PCR tests required for travel?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, every country is adopting all types of preventive measures. However, foreign visitors are only welcomed into countries following a negative PCR test.

When should I book the in-clinic PCR test?

Each country has individual regulations on when PCR tests need to be taken. You can refer to our travel advice page to check the travel status of the country you intend to visit.

While many countries require results from tests taken within 72 hours of departure, other countries may have longer time windows.

Therefore, it is important that you know all the latest information before booking your PCR test. You can find up-to-date guidance on the government’s website.

Will you provide me with a fit-to-fly certificate?

As our PCR test services focus mainly on foreign travel, we supply attested fit-to-fly certificates with every negative PCR test result.

Is your laboratory regulated?

VIVO Clinic’s laboratory is registered with Care Quality Commission with the certificate number CRT1-4708702735.

How are VIVO Clinic’s PCR tests in Southampton done?

Our PCR tests in Southampton involve all the standard steps. Our clinical experts will guide you through the sample collection process.

The video below briefly explains how the PCR test is done.

Can I find out about a previous infection with a PCR test?

No. PCR tests can only identify current coronavirus infections. VIVO Clinic’s immune response test can help you figure out if you have been previously infected.

What if my PCR test result comes back positive for COVID-19?

You must begin a ten-day self-isolation period immediately. Also, your travel plans need to be postponed until you have fully recovered and can produce a negative PCR test.

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