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Plasma Eye Lift Science

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Here at VIVO Clinic, we understand that the Plasma Eye Lift treatment can seem daunting. For many people, understanding the science behind our treatments can give patients peace of mind and help others decide if soft-surgery is the right decision.

HD Plasma Spark

It was Werner von Siemens who pioneered the principles that are the basis of modern plasma treatments. His aim was to create ozone and in doing so he reported Dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD) or ozone production discharge.

Werner von Siemens

The process uses a grounded and high-voltage electrode. When in use, a column of conducting plasma is generated between the two electrodes.

The process involved rapid sublimation, which transitions solids into a gas without becoming a liquid as seen in the diagram below.

What is Plasma?

The unique properties of this gas are the reason it is often thought of as the 4th state of matter. The atoms within plasma are ionised (positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons). The diagram below explains the process.

Plasma 4th State of Matter

The HD Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen generates plasma, which is applied to the surface of the skin using the probe (needle). The probe never makes direct contact with the skin. When the treatment is administered, the skin’s surface absorbs the majority of the electrical energy. The underlying layers of the epidermis and dermis receive a lower effect respectively, which allows a relatively short healing response from the sublimation.



The treatment produces sublimation dots on the surface of the skin which can be measured in microns. The healing response causes tightening as demonstrated in the diagram below.

How Plasma works on the skin

The biological effects on tissue include sublimation, disinfection, induced clotting, angiogenesis, migration and mitosis, accelerated wound healing, electroporation, apoptosis, anti-inflammation, and anaesthesia rings.


Biological Effects



Soft Surgery

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