Antigen Test Fit to Fly Service – Certificate Within 1 Hour


We offer Antigen Fit to Fly testing at over 30 clinics in the UK.

You can book a test online or over the phone. Following your appointment, we will email you your results certificate within 1 hour.


Step 1

Step 1

Book your appointment online
Step 2

Step 2

Complete the test in-clinic
Step 3

Step 3

We’ll send your certificate via email and SMS within 1 hour
Antigen test taken in-clinic
Fit to fly certificate included
Results in 15 mins
Certificate sent within 1 hour
QR code validation on certificate
  • In-clinic Antigen Tests

  • What is a rapid antigen test?

      Rapid antigen tests, like LFTs, search for antigen proteins in samples to determine COVID-19 infection in subjects. Although not as accurate as PCR tests, antigen tests are less time-consuming and more cost-effective in comparison.

      VIVO Clinic’s antigen tests service guarantees certificates and results within three hours of sample collection.

      Let our highly trained clinicians better assist you by opting for our in-clinic fit-to-fly antigen tests. We will make certain that you receive your fit-to-fly certificate along with the results in 3 hours. All you have to do is book your in-clinic appointment when it is convenient for you.

      For your rapid antigen test appointment, you only have to be at our clinic during the sample collection process and until the result is ready. In its entirety, that is 15 minutes. After this time, you will be free to resume the rest of your day. Our clinicians will verify the test readings and prepare the necessary documents. You can rest assured knowing that you will receive your fit-to-fly certificate and results in 3 hours of having taken the in-clinic antigen test.

      We will send you the essential documentation via email and SMS for added convenience.

      We use lateral flow tests (LFT) for our antigen testing service. While being quite reliable and effective, they are the quickest means of detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen proteins in a subject’s samples.

      While already valid for travel purposes in several countries around the world, LFTs are quickly being officially recognized as a legitimate method of COVID-19 screening by more nations every day. You can use rapid antigen tests as the pre-travel COVID-19 test when returning to the UK from non-red list countries.

      At VIVO Clinic, we use the EU and Public Health England validated ACON Biotech Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Tests. Our tests meet the required international standards of 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity.

      Please be advised that all results from COVID-19 tests done at VIVO Clinic are shared with Public Health England as part of the government’s directive.

  • Can I use the NHS rapid antigen tests for travel?

      The UK government does not allow any NHS COVID-19 tests, including their rapid antigen tests, to be used for foreign travel purposes. As such, they never provide fit-to-fly certificates, which are essential for international travel.

      Therefore, you cannot.

  • How long does VIVO Clinic’s rapid antigen test take?

      While the result verification and preparation of official documents take about 1-3 hours, you are only required to stay present at our clinic for approximately 15 minutes. This is sufficient time for sample collection and to get the immediate test reading.

  • Do I have to bring anything to the clinic during my appointment?

      It is absolutely vital that you have your valid passport with you when attending your in-clinic test appointment. Also, please remember that you will need to fill out a form detailing your contact and personal information essential for the fit-to-fly certificate.

  • How long before my travel should I take the test?

      The information on how long prior to your travel you should take an antigen test can be found on the government’s website. This time frame is dependent on your destination country’s entry requirements and is subject to change. Therefore, you must have the correct and most recent information before booking an appointment with us.

  • What if my results are invalid/void?

      In the event that your test result reads invalid or if the test is void, we will offer you an additional test free of charge.

  • What if my result is positive?

      On getting a positive result, you will legally be required to enter self-isolation for 10 days unless the antigen test result is invalidated through a PCR test.

      However, we will still issue you with a results certificate citing that you are COVID-19 positive. Evidently, this certificate will not permit you to travel overseas or otherwise.

      For further guidance and information on COVID-19, you should contact the NHS online or by calling 111.

  • Can I use rapid antigen tests for my Day 2 test after returning to the UK?

      You may use specific Day 2 antigen tests as from 24 October 2021 when returning to England from the majority of non-red list countries.

      However, before that date, only PCR tests can be used as Day 2 tests.

  • Can I buy rapid antigen test kits instead of booking an in-clinic appointment?

      Yes, VIVO Clinic provides Pre-travel and Return to the UK at-home Rapid Antigen Test kits for online and in-clinic purchase. They can be used to receive valid fit-to-fly certificates.

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