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Blood Test

Covid-19 Vaccine Response Blood Test


An in-clinic test to measure your immune system’s response to a Covid-19 infection or vaccination.

Available at our Birmingham clinic.

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Available at our Birmingham clinic.
Know the level of antibody response you’ve had from the vaccine
Measure your immune system’s response to a Covid-19 vaccination
Monitor your antibody levels over time.
Understand your body’s response to the virus or vaccine.
  • Why do I need the test?

      Introduced in January 2021, the Covid-19 quantitative IgG in-clinic antibody blood test is designed to let you know how your body has responded to catching the virus or having the vaccine.

      You will be emailed with a quantitative measure of your body’s antibody response to the virus/vaccine.

      • One in three people who have has the virus are asymptomatic. This test may help you to learn if you’ve been infected without knowing it.
      • Understand your body’s response to the virus or vaccine.
      • Monitor your antibody levels over time.
  • Where are the IgG tests available?

      Currently, the quantitative IgG antibody blood test is available at our Birmingham clinic.

      VIVO Clinic
      146 Hagley Road
      B16 9NX

      See full arrival instructions here

  • Quantitative vs old IgG & IgM antibody test

      IgG & IgM antibody tests are designed to tell you if you’ve got antibodies in response to the virus or vaccine. The Quantitative test tells you the level of your antibody response (between levels of 0 – 80,000 AU/ml). The former will simply tell you if you’ve had the virus.

      The quantitative test shows the scale of your response to the virus or the vaccine, which is an important distinction, especially when an additional test is done in the future as you will be able to see the rate at which the antibodies are diminishing.

  • Important Note

      Research into Covid-19 antibodies and immunity is still ongoing, and we do not yet have enough evidence to confirm that a certain quantity of antibodies is equal to immunity. If your body has had a good antibody response to the virus or the vaccine, you should not assume that you are immune.

  • When should the test be taken?

      The test must be taken at least seven days, and ideally 15 days after the infection or vaccination. After 15 days, your levels are likely to be at a peak and the test will be 99.4% sensitive in confirming spike protein exposure.

  • When will I receive my results?

      We will send your blood sample to our lab promptly and results will be emailed to you once the sample is processed (usually 2-3 days).

  • The Science

      This new IgG test quantitatively measures your IgG antibody levels against the spike receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 whereas the older tests were measured against nucleoprotein. The spike protein in the main component associated with an immune system response of the body; it is the protein mimicked by immunisations to enable the body’s immune response. Therefore, the older tests which do not measure the spike protein cannot measure a vaccine response.

  • How long do IgG levels last?

      While research is ongoing, current evidence suggests a significant drop in the immune response after six months after infection. We do not yet know how long the immune response lasts post-vaccination and this is where the quantitative IgG test will be extremely useful. By undergoing a second test after several months, we will be able to see how the IgG levels have changed.

  • Will the quantitative IgG test tell me if I have a current infection?

      No. This test is best administered 15 days post-infection.

      If you need a test for a current infection, we offer PCR test kits that allow you to take a sample at home and post it to our laboratory.

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