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Book your Day 2 and Day PCR 8 tests at our Sheffield Clinic.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Day 2 & Day PCR Testing package to be delivered to the location where you are self-isolating.

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The Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests are a mandatory requirement if you arrive in the UK. You will also be required to quarantine for ten days, either at a hotel or an approved location.

The Day 2 test is to be taken by the second day of your arrival and the Day 8 test needs to be taken on or anytime after during the quarantine period.

These tests need to be booked before your arrival in the UK, as your pre-flight passenger locator form will require your booking details. You will not be allowed to travel to the UK unless you fill this form to completion.

  • What should I do on my arrival in England?

      All international arrivals in the UK must undergo a mandatory ten-day self-isolation period upon entry. ‘Red list’ country arrivals must quarantine at government-approved hotels, while others must use approved locations.

  • Can I come to your Sheffield clinic while I am self-isolating?

      Travel between our Sheffield clinic and your quarantine location or residence is only allowed if you have test appointments booked with us.

  • Where is the clinic located?

      The Stillpoint Practice
      272A London Road
      S2 4NA

  • Do I need to bring anything with me for the test?

      We require you to carry a valid photo ID to your test. We accept passports, driving licenses, BRP and other valid photo IDs.

  • Booking Options

      You can book a test with us based on your requirement and your convenience. We offer the following test options:

      • The Day 2 and Day 8 tests together,
      • The Day 2 test only,
      • The Day 8 test only,
      • Or our at-home test kits.
  • Will you provide a reference number to include in my passenger locator form?

      We provide a unique reference number for each booking of Day 2 and Day 8 tests.

      You must enter this number in your passenger locator form before coming to the UK.

  • How will I receive my test results?

      We will send you your test results at the email address that you provided during the time of booking.

  • When will I receive my results?

      PCR test results are dispatched within 24 hours of sample collection. For tests after 5 pm, results may take up to 48 hours to be ready; the couriers from our clinics leave for the laboratory by 5 pm each day.

      Sometimes, sequence testing may take a little longer – no more than 72 hours. However, this rarely happens.

  • What should I do if I test positive?

      A positive test result will render your current quarantine period null. You must enter a new quarantine period from one day after your test date.

      Say you receive a positive for your Day 2 test, then your new quarantine period will now start on Day 3 of your arrival. This period, too, shall be for ten days, and previous self-isolation days will not count.

  • What should I do if I test negative?

      You will simply have to complete your quarantine period with no further extensions. 

      For everyone eligible, they have the option to reduce their quarantine period by taking a Day 5 Test to Release.

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