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VIVO Clinic offers both postal and in-clinic London PCR Tests, as well as Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests) to check for current infection of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test results are recognised for travel, and you are provided with a Fit to Fly certificate via email which is what airlines will need for you to fly.

Lateral Flow Tests PCR Tests

Antigen (Lateral Flow) tests for travel from the United Kingdom

Vivo Clinic provides Antigen (lateral flow) Fit to Fly testing at our London clinic (located at 10 Bury Pl, Holborn, London, WC1A 2JL). Click here to order Antigen tests for use at home, these are delivered by post.

Buy Vivo Clinic antigen tests online or book an in-clinic appointment. Your test results are sent by email, these results act as a fit-to-fly certificate, which is an entry requirement in the majority of countries across the world.



Premium Lateral Flow (postal)

Instant fit-to-fly certificate. Tracked premium delivery.

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Economy Lateral Flow (postal)

Fit-to-fly certificate within 48 hours of result. Economy delivery.

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Premium Lateral Flow (in-clinic)

Instant fit-to-fly certificate. Over 30 locations in the UK.

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Economy Lateral Flow (in-clinic)

Fit-to-fly certificate within 48 hours of result.

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Take a test in-clinic or we can send it via post
Get an instant fit-to-fly certificate (premium service)
QR code validation on certificate for peace of mind
On the Government’s list of test providers

PCR tests for travel from the United Kingdom

Vivo Clinic provides PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Fit to Fly testing at our London clinic (located at 10 Bury Pl, Holborn, London, WC1A 2JL. PCR tests are also available for home use, these are sent by post, click here for details.

Buy a PCR test online or book an in-clinic appointment. PCR results from Vivo Clinic are supplied by email, for negative results, a fit-to-fly certificate is provided via email. Fit-to-fly certificates verify Covid-19 infection-free status and are an enabler to global travel. This certificate smoothens the travel process with airlines and other authorities.




Fit-to-fly PCR Test (in-clinic)

Same day results available at many of our clinics in the UK.

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Fit-to-fly PCR Test (postal)

Sample collection kit posted to you. Post back to our lab.

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Same day results available at many clinics
Guaranteed results within the chosen time frame or your money back
Public health England evaluated, and CE marked test
UKAS and CQC registered laboratories
On the Government’s list of test providers
Fit-to-fly Certificate included within our price – no hidden extras
  • What are PCR and Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests)?

      PCR tests consist of nasal and throat swab tests that detect coronavirus-related RNA. Vivo Clinic’s PCR test is also eligible as an RT-PCR compliant test.

      Rapid antigen tests (such as a lateral flow test), detect SARS-CoV-2 viral antigens in swab samples. Where these exist the test result is positive. Both tests are painless, speedy, and effective and require only 15 minutes in our London clinic.

  • Do I need a test when I travel?

      Travel restrictions have constantly evolved throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of countries internationally require a fit-to-fly certificate as an entry qualifier when travelling.

      All test results are sent via email, with negative results we are able to send what is widely accepted as a fit-to-fly document. This applies to both of our PCR and antigen tests.

  • How do I obtain a fit-to-fly certificate?

      With PCR or Antigen tests from Vivo Clinic, we will email your results from our CQC registered lab. The results sheet in the email acts as a fit-to-fly certificate. This would be recognised and accepted by both airlines and other authorities.

      Receive an instant Fit-to-Fly certificate when you purchase our premium service.

      Fit to Fly Certificate

      The results will be supplied via email.

  • Do I have to visit the London clinic for testing?

      No. Most of our tests are for international travellers who need proof of Covid-free status.

      If you need a test because you suspect you are infected with Covid-19, you must not attend a Vivo Clinic. Instead, you can order online PCR kits and Antigen test kits for home testing.

      Our home tests are every bit as accurate and convenient for many customers.

  • Is your laboratory regulated?

  • How dependable are the PCR and Antigen tests?

      Our PCR test has 100% sensitivity. If you receive a positive Covid-19 result you are infected.

      Our Antigen tests meet both the EU and Public Health England required standards. These are 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity.


  • How long do tests take? Is there are any difference between PCR and Antigen tests times?

      You will need to spend around 15 minutes in our London clinic. This includes ID verification, sample collection and form completion. This is all we need in the appointment.

      Do you need an instant fit-to-fly certificate? If so, we recommend buying our premium service. Simply book your appointment online and complete the test in-clinic. We will send your fit-to-fly certificate by email and SMS instantly. This certificate comes with a QR code, for easy validation.

  • Will my test tell me if I have ever previously been infected with the virus?

      No. PCR and antigen tests measure current infections only. Their purpose is not to detect previous infections.

  • What happens next if my test result is positive?

      Of course, some results are regrettably positive. This result means that you are currently infected with COVID-19. You now need to take UK government advice about self-isolation, when to leave home/return to work and how to take care of yourself when infected with Covid-19.

      For a broad range of Covid-19 advice, including what to do in the event of receiving a positive result, you should visit https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 or to speak to the NHS, call 111.

  • Nearest airports (to our London clinic)

      Airport Distance
      London City Airport 12 miles
      Heathrow Airport 16 miles
      Gatwick Airport 60 miles
  • Do you have any information about international travel destinations?

      Yes! Vivo Clinic has created our travel advice portal. This provides a large amount of country-specific information for 200+ countries including:

      • Guidance about local regulations, laws, and entry requirements
      • Whether the country is open to receiving visitors
  • Are there any test instructions and will I need to bring my passport?

      What happens at my appointment, do I need to bring my passport?


      Here is what to expect at the appointment:

      • The appointment will take about 15 minutes
      • Nasal and throat swabs will be collected by our trained staff
      • We will complete a form with you. This will contain both contact and personal information. From this information, we will be able to populate your fit-to-fly certificate
      • Please bring along a valid passport (i.e., not date-expired), we will not be able to complete the test without this
      • Full guidance will be given by our staff

      It will be beneficial to familiarise yourself with how samples are collected prior to your appointment.

London Address:

10 Bury Pl

London PCR Map

Lateral Flow Tests PCR Tests
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