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PCR Travel Test Manchester


The PCR Travel Test at VIVO Clinic in Manchester tests for current COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection using a nasal and throat swab.

The test is recommended if you intend to leave the country.

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September 2020
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In-Clinic PCR Travel Test at our Manchester Clinic

Use the calendar above to select a date and book your appointment.

Swab sample collected in-clinic
Guaranteed results within the chosen time frame or your money back
Public health England approved, and CE marked test
Call centre operating hours from 8:30am until 12 midnight, for your peace of mind
Results provided by us are accepted by ALL airlines
UCAS and CQC registered laboratories
Fit-to-fly Certificate included within our price – no hidden extras
  • Our Tests in Comparison to Government / NHS Tests

      Tests booked through the Government website are not for recreational travel purposes and do not supply you with a fit-to-fly certificate. Unnecessary strain is being put on the government system by those attempting to book tests for travel.

      Our in-clinic tests are for travel purposes only. If you have COVID-19 symptoms you should book a test via the Government website or buy a test from our online shop.

  • What is a PCR Test?

      PCR is a laboratory-based test that uses a nasal/throat swab sample to detect RNA related to coronavirus.

  • Why do I need a PCR test for travel?

      Government regulations dictate that you can not leave the country if you match one of the following criteria:

      • You currently have the virus
      • You have had the virus recently
      • You may have had the virus
      • You have been in contact with someone who matches one of the above criteria

      Our tests are recognised for travel and you will be emailed the results within 48 hours of your sample being received at the lab.


      PCR Travel Test Manchester Clinic

  • When should I book the test?

      Once your swab has been collected the Manchester clinic will dispatch it to our CQC registered lab via express courier. The lab will process the sample and email your results within 48 hours.

      Most operators require that tests are carried out within 72 hours of travel, so we recommend that factor this in when choosing a date and time for your booking.

  • Will I get a fit-to-fly certificate?

      The lab will provide you with test results via email. You can use this email to prove the date and outcome of your test.

      Fit to Fly Certificate

  • Can I buy tests, rather than coming to the Manchester clinic for testing?

      Yes. You can buy sample collection kits from the shop. With the sample collection kits, you will be provided with a free 1st class returns envelope (or optional upgrade) for you to return the sample to our lab. Some clients prefer an in-clinic test as it is done under the supervision of a trained expert and the turnaround is significantly faster.

  • Is your laboratory regulated?

      Yes, we use the London Medical Laboratory which is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Certificate number: CRT1-4708702735

  • How reliable is the test?

      The test has 100% sensitivity

  • Will the test tell me if I’ve recently had the virus?

      No. A PCR test looks for current infection.

  • Where is your clinic located?

      The Manchester clinic address is:

      VIVO Clinic
      4 Seymour Grove
      Old Trafford
      United Kingdom
      M16 0LH

      While there are excellent links to public transport, we recommend travelling alone if you suspect that you have


      Manchester Clinic Map

  • What should I do if I receive a positive result?

      If you receive a positive result, this means that you are currently infected with COVID-19, and you could pose a risk to others around you. Therefore, you should self-isolate immediately, and inform those you have been in contact with in the last 7 days in case this result affects them.

      If you would like further information on what you should do if you receive a positive result, you should visit or contact the NHS on 111.

  • Which countries can I travel to?

      The countries to which you can currently travel, and their respective regulations are continuously evolving. We recommend that you visit the Government webpage which is kept up to date with the latest information and developments.

  • Test Instructions

      Your sample collection will be supervised by our trained staff who will provide full guidance. You may also wish to familiarise yourself with the sample collection procedure prior to your appointment.

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