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VIVO Clinic offers both postal and in-clinic Sheffield PCR Tests, as well as Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests) to check for current infection of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test results are recognised for travel worldwide, and you are provided with a Fit to Fly certificate via email which is what airlines will need for you to fly.

Lateral Flow Tests PCR Tests

Antigen (Lateral Flow) tests for travel from the United Kingdom

Vivo Clinic provides Antigen (lateral flow) Fit to Fly testing at our Sheffield clinic (located at The Stillpoint Practice, 272A London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NA). Home Antigen tests for postal delivery are available by clicking here.

Buy an antigen test online or book an in-clinic appointment. A negative Covid-19 test result is great news for your international travel prospects. For all antigen tests, fit-to-fly certificates are provided via email. Airlines and other authorities need fit-to-fly certificates for worldwide travel.



Premium Lateral Flow (postal)

Instant fit-to-fly certificate. Tracked premium delivery.

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Economy Lateral Flow (postal)

Fit-to-fly certificate within 48 hours of result. Economy delivery.

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Premium Lateral Flow (in-clinic)

Instant fit-to-fly certificate. Over 30 locations in the UK.

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Economy Lateral Flow (in-clinic)

Fit-to-fly certificate within 48 hours of result.

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Take a test in-clinic or we can send it via post
Get an instant fit-to-fly certificate (premium service)
QR code validation on certificate for peace of mind
On the Government’s list of test providers

PCR tests for travel from the United Kingdom

Vivo Clinic provides PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Fit to Fly testing at our Sheffield clinic (The Stillpoint Practice, 272A London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NA). PCR tests can also be ordered for use at home, we send these by post, click here for details.

Buy a PCR test online or book an in-clinic appointment. Negative PCR test results are e-mailed by Vivo and the results sheets are accepted as a fit-to-fly certificate by airlines and other authorities.




Fit-to-fly PCR Test (in-clinic)

Same day results available at many of our clinics in the UK.

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Fit-to-fly PCR Test (postal)

Sample collection kit posted to you. Post back to our lab.

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Same day results available at many clinics
Guaranteed results within the chosen time frame or your money back
Public health England evaluated, and CE marked test
UKAS and CQC registered laboratories
On the Government’s list of test providers
Fit-to-fly Certificate included within our price – no hidden extras
  • What are PCR and Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests)?

      PCR tests search for coronavirus RNA in nasal and throat swabs, where RNA is found a positive result is reported. Our test is also a RT-PCR compliant test, which is ideal as this is an entry qualifier in many countries.

      Antigen tests (a lateral flow test is an example) detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s antigens in swab samples. Many Vivo customers prefer Antigen tests due to their lower costs.

      Whichever test you take you will need to spend around fifteen minutes in-clinic.

  • Do I need a Covid-19 test before travelling internationally?

      Covid-19 travel restrictions apply across the world. The fit-to-fly certificate is now accepted globally as the de facto standard that many countries now request. Following a negative test result, Vivo Clinic results sheets (sent via email) are recognised as a fit-to-fly document. This applies to both our PCR and antigen tests; some destinations though accept PCR tests only.


  • How do I obtain a fit-to-fly certificate?

      All negative test results are supplied complete with a fit-to-fly certificate that is sent through our CQC registered lab. Sent by email, the results sheet will contain everything you need to verify your Covid-19 health status and that you are “fit-to-fly”.

      Receive an instant Fit-to-Fly certificate with our premium service.

      Fit to Fly Certificate

      The results will be supplied via email.

  • Can I buy home tests, or must I attend the Sheffield clinic?

      You can buy home tests, we sell many Covid-19 tests online. Buy sample collection PCR kits and Antigen test kits to test from home. We post your test, so overall the process takes longer, but it can be convenient if it is a struggle to visit our clinic.

  • Is your laboratory regulated?

      Yes. The Vivo Clinic laboratory is regulated by and registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission), see https://www.cqc.org.uk/). Our CQC certificate number is CRT1-4708702735.

  • Can I depend and rely on the test results?

      Absolutely you can! Vivo Clinic PCR tests have 100% sensitivity.

      Antigen tests have a lesser but still acceptable 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity. These tests are approved and within the standards of both the EU and Public Health England.


  • How long do tests take?

      How long will my Covid-19 test take?


      For either PCR or Antigen (Lateral Flow) tests, 15 minutes will be needed. This will complete everything required at our Sheffield clinic including swab sample collection, form completion and ID verification.

      Some customers need an instant fit-to-fly certificate, such as if they are taking an international flight in the near future. In such cases, you should buy our premium service. You would book a premium appointment online and then complete your test in-clinic. With this service, we can send your fit-to-fly certificate (including a QR code) via email and SMS instantly.

      Premium appointments are easy to book and are available through our premium service.

  • Will the test reveal if I was infected with the virus previously?

      No. PCR and antigen tests assess a current Covid-19 infection only. Historic/previous infections will not be detected.

  • My Sheffield clinic Covid-19 test came back positive, what do I do?

      Take immediate action and seek out advice. Irrespective of the variant, Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease, so start by taking care of who you mix with.

      UK government advice shifts as the Covid-19 pandemic changes. Find the latest policies, advice, and guidance at https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19. Alternatively, you can speak to a healthcare professional by calling the NHS for advice line on 111.

  • Nearest airports (to our Sheffield clinic)

      Airport Distance
      Manchester Airport 40 miles
      Leeds Airport 45 miles
  • Do Vivo Clinic publish information about Covid-19 entry and travel requirements by country?

      Yes. Visit our travel advice portal for Covid-19 travel restrictions on a country-by-country basis and other related travel information for 200+ countries.

      Use this portal if you are travelling internationally, especially if you are visiting multiple countries. The individual country aspect of this guide is invaluable in terms of planning vaccinations and tests.

  • Is there anything else I should know about the appointment?

      Here are some additional notes about the appointment:

      • You should allow fifteen minutes for the Sheffield in-clinic appointment
      • Nasal and throat swabs are collected by our trained staff who will guide you through the complete process
      • A valid passport is needed for the appointment; we cannot complete the test without this
      • We will complete a form at the time of visiting the clinic. This form needs both personal and contact information. Some of this information is then used on the fit-to-fly certificate

The Stillpoint Practice
272A London Road
S2 4NA

Lateral Flow Tests PCR Tests
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