COVID-19 Test – Home Visit

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  • A professional phlebotomist (i) visits your home to take a blood sample.
  • The sample is sent to our CQC registered lab for testing.
  • The Abbott test has been evaluated by Public Health England (see assessment).
  • You will receive your results within 48 hours.
  • Rapid Home Tests are available here (results in 15 mins).
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Our qualified Phlebotomists can now visit your home to collect a venous blood sample to carry out the IgG Antibody Test. This type of COVID-19 confirms if you have recently been infected with the coronavirus. This service is only available if you live in London, the Midlands, Wales, Manchester or Sheffield.

VIVO Clinic have partnered with a CQC registered laboratory to offer Abbott’s IgG Antibody Test, which has been evaluated by Public Health England. Please see this report for more information.

Our Phlebotomists will arrive wearing all of the necessary PPE. Once the sample has been collected, this will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.


Book your test, and get the answers you need.

  • The Abbott IgG testing assay that we use is the second assay to be evaluated by Public Health England for venous blood testing only. Please see the report here.
  • Laboratory test by CQC registered laboratory
  • Sample collection is performed using medical equipment for IVD (in-vitro diagnostic devices)
  • Phlebotomist can visit your home if you are based in London, the Midlands, Wales, Manchester or Sheffield, or you can undergo sample collection at one of our clinics
  • The IgG pathology-based solution is 99% accurate for venous blood
  • Serology based
  • Sample collected in under 10 minutes
  • Results in 48 hours (from sample receipt)

Laboratory results provided by London Medical Laboratory. Regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Certificate number: CRT1-4708702735

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  • What is the IgG Antibody Test?

      The IgG Antibody Test involves the analysis of a venous blood sample to determine if Immunoglobulin G antibodies are present. This type of antibody is created at a later stage of infection and is associated with immunity against an illness. By identifying IgG antibodies related to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, this confirms if you have previously been infected with the coronavirus.

      Please note that this test does not confirm if you are immune to COVID-19. There is no proof that a person can be immune to the coronavirus.

      In order to conduct the IgG Antibody Test, Abbott’s Architect Machine is used to examine the blood samples.

  • Is this a home test?

      No. While sample collection can take place at your home, this must be conducted by a qualified Phlebotomist and a venous sample must be collected to ensure the accuracy of the test.

  • When should I take the IgG Antibody Test?

      You can undergo the IgG Antibody Test at any point, as this type of COVID-19 test diagnoses past infections rather than current infections. However, if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19, you should wait at least 14 days after you first experience these symptoms before you take the test, as the body needs time to form antibodies.

  • What type of sample is needed for the IgG Antibody Test?

      A venous sample must be obtained in order for the laboratory to conduct the IgG Antibody Test. This type of sample involves withdrawing blood directly from the vein.

  • What happens during sample collection?

      For the IgG Antibody Test, a venous sample must be collected. To do so, our qualified Phlebotomists will use a needle to withdraw blood from the vein in the crook of the elbow. You may feel slight discomfort when the blood sample is collected, however, this process will not take long.

      When the blood sample has been obtained, our Phlebotomists will take the needle and used components with them to dispose of safely. Your sample will be stored appropriately until it is sent off to the CQC registered laboratory.

      You may experience minor bruising around the site where the blood sample was collected.

  • Do I need to do anything after sample collection?

      You should avoid carrying heavy bags for a few hours after sample collection.

  • How accurate is the IgG Antibody Test?

      This type of COVID-19 test is highly accurate.

      Sensitivity: 100%

      Specificity: 99%

      These statistics apply when the test is taken 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

  • I want to find out if I am currently infected with COVID-19.

      The PCR Test determines if a person is currently infected with the coronavirus. An individual is required to take a swab of their nose or throat, before sending this off to the laboratory. Medical researchers will examine the DNA within the sample to establish if this is the same as genetic material of SARS-CoV-2.

  • What are the results?

      The two main results that you will receive are positive and negative.

      A positive result confirms that IgG SARS-CoV-2 antibodies have been detected in your blood sample. This means that you have recently been infected with COVID-19.

      A negative result means that no IgG SARS-CoV-2 antibodies have been found in your blood, and you have probably not recently been infected with COVID-19. Please note that some individuals do not develop enough antibodies to be detected despite having had COVID-19, which would lead to a negative result.

      You may also receive a borderline result. This means that IgG antibodies related to SARS-CoV-2 have been identified in your blood, however, the quantity is not great enough to yield a positive result. If this is the case, you should consider taking a second test 7 days later.

  • When will I receive results?

      You will receive a secure link to your results around 48 hours after the laboratory have received your sample.

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