COVID-19 Rapid Test – Home Visit


Please Note: This test is conducted at your home using a rapid test cassette. Results are provided in under 15 minutes.

Abbott Tests are also available here (Results in 48 Hrs)

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  • What is the Rapid Antibody Test?

      This type of COVID-19 test uses a rapid test cassette to identify Immunoglobulin M and G SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. If either of these antibodies are shown to be present, this implies that you have recently been infected with COVID-19.

      A blood sample must be collected by the finger-prick method and transferred to the well of the test cassette. The test takes around 5 minutes to perform, and a further 10 minutes to see results.

  • Do I perform the test myself?

      No. It is currently unlawful to supply ‘home tests’ for antibody testing where patients collect their own blood sample. Instead, our qualified Healthcare Professionals will visit your home to carry out the Rapid Antibody Test for you.

      You must not attempt to collect a blood sample yourself, as this may affect the accuracy of the test.

  • Sample collection process

      First of all, you will need to wash your hands with warm water and soap, or sanitiser. Following this, an alcohol pad will be used to ensure the tip of the finger is sterilised.

      A lancet will be placed against the tip of the finger, and used to pierce the skin. The first drop of blood will be wiped away, and then a pipette will be used to collect droplets of blood.

      Next, our qualified Healthcare Professional will transfer a few droplets of blood to the well of the test cassette, along with buffer solution. You will be given a plaster for the tip of your finger.

      Once the buffer solution has been added, it will take around 10 minutes to see results.

  • Results

      There are four main results you can receive from the Rapid Antibody Test:

      IgM and IgG positive: both types of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies have been detected in your blood sample. This means that you have recently been infected with COVID-19.

      IgM positive: IgM antibodies have been found in your blood sample. As IgM antibodies are the first type of antibody to be created by the body in response to an antigen, this indicates you are in the earlier stages of infection. Therefore, you should consider following government guidelines regarding self-isolation.

      IgG positive: IgG antibodies have been found in your blood. This type of antibody is associated with a later stage of infection, and shows that you have recently been infected with COVID-19.

      Negative: neither type of antibody has been found in your blood, showing that you have not recently been infected with the coronavirus.


      You may also receive an invalid result from your Rapid Antibody Test. This means that the test has not been performed correctly, or the test cassette may be faulty. If you receive an invalid result, we will book you in for a second test free of charge.

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