Covid-19 Vaccine and Immune Response Home Blood Test


The test measures your vaccine response or your immune response to having the virus.



Check your immune system’s response to Covid-19 vaccination, as well as any past infection, with this home test.

This do-it-yourself home test uses a finger-prick blood sample to check the level of your immune system’s response to Covid-19. It determines how your body has responded to the Covid-19 vaccine or infection.

This test was newly developed (January 2021) to assess individuals’ immune status using ‘a quantitative measurement of IgG antibodies against the spike receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2.’

This test detects if your immune system has formed IgG antibodies after being vaccinated or being naturally infected by Covid-19. You are given a quantitative measure of your immune system’s response (levels ranging from 0-80,000 AU/ml).

IgG levels have been observed to rapidly decrease in the months following an infection. This test can help monitor your IgG levels over time, confirming whether your levels have come down to an acceptable measure that may indicate immunity.

As part of recent proposals, countries like Greece, Cyprus, and Portugal have discussed, including this antibody test for ‘Vaccine Passports.’

  • How can I complete this Covid-19 IgG Antibody test?

      This home test kit is delivered to your preferred address by post, where you can then collect a finger-prick blood sample yourself. You can return the sample to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope provided with the kit. The lab then sends your test result via email.

      Please note that you have to register your test before sending the sample to our lab using the link provided during purchase.

  • What is the best time to take this test?

      It is recommended that the test be taken at least a week after the initial Covid-19 vaccination or infection for accurate results. Your IgG levels are expected to increase for up to 15 days resulting in 99.4% sensitivity which confirms exposure to the virus.

  • How do I collect the blood sample myself?

      Your home test kit includes thorough and straightforward instructions on collecting a finger-prick blood sample.

  • When will I get my test result?

      You receive your result within 1-2 days after your sample arrives at our laboratory. As soon as we have a conclusive result confirming how your body has responded either to a Covid-19 vaccination or infection, we send you a certificate with your test result via email.

  • How long will the IgG levels last if I test positive?

      Currently, it is unknown how long antibodies last after an infection. It is also not known how long IgG levels remain elevated post-vaccination. Although research is still being conducted, it has been observed that individuals’ immune response to Covid-19 infection goes down over 6-9 months.

  • Will I know if I currently have Covid-19 through this test?

      No. This test only assesses if your immune system has formed IgG antibodies 7-15 days after you have been vaccinated or naturally infected by Covid-19.

      You can order our Covid-19 PCR Swab Test to check whether you currently have Covid-19.

      Conversely, if you would like to know whether you are currently infectious, you may book our Covid-19 Rapid 15 Minute Antigen Test.

  • Is there a discount for NHS staff?

      Yes, we offer a discount to NHS staff. Please enquire for details.

  • What is in my vaccine response home test kit?

      • Detailed instructions
      • 1 x blood collection tube
      • Multiple lancets
      • 1 x test request form
      • 1 x blood tube holder
      • 1 x biohazard plastic bag
      • 1 x postage-paid return envelope
  • How is this new test different from older antibody tests?

      The previous IgG and IgM antibody tests determined if your body developed antibodies following a Covid-19 infection.

      This new test detects if you have had a Covid-19 infection in the past or if your vaccination has worked. Moreover, you receive a precise quantitative measure of your immune system’s response (levels ranging from 0-80,000 AU/ml).

      This test analyses your blood sample for an actual count of your body’s IgG antibodies. An AU/ml of over 50 indicates a positive result, confirming either that your immune system has responded to the vaccine or that you have been previously exposed to Covid-19.

      The older tests were unable to measure your body’s Covid-19 vaccine response/immune response, while this new one can do just that.

      Furthermore, this new test calculates your IgG antibody levels against the spike receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, unlike the older test, which measured IgG levels against nucleoprotein. The spike protein is associated with the body launching an immune response. It is also the protein that the body’s immunisations imitate to rid the body of the virus – consequently, this test allows us to gauge your body’s immune response to the vaccine.

      Please be advised; it is still unclear how one’s immune response correlates with whether one is immune or not. Even with a positive result, it is recommended that you do not conclude that you are immune to Covid-19. Although exhaustive research is being undertaken, there still is not sufficient data available to indicate whether high levels of IgG antibodies make you immune or not.

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