Covid Recovery Certificate


If you had Covid in the last 6 months, you might be eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate. With this doctor-validated certificate, you can travel to many countries without Covid tests or on-arrival self-isolation.

Certificates issued within 2 hours
No appointment or testing required
Quick and easy online form
Verification provided by GMC-registered doctors
QR Code validation on certificate
Government Approved Test Provider 2021
  • How does a Covid recovery certificate work?

      Once a person recovers from a Covid infection, their body develops natural immunity. A Covid recovery certificate provides formal proof that a previously recovered person is not infectious and unlikely to have it currently.

  • How will I receive my Covid Recovery Certificate?

      Once your recovery status has been verified, a GMC-registered doctor will sign your Covid recovery certificate and it will be sent to you via email.

  • Do I qualify for a Covid Recovery Certificate?

      To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

      • Your positive test must have been a minimum of seven days ago
      • You must have had no symptoms for at least 48 hours
      • You are not currently required to isolate
      • You have no other medical conditions that would prevent you from travelling
      • You can provide valid evidence of a positive test (see below for acceptable evidence)
  • What evidence is accepted?

      We require an email or PDF of the certificate or notification you received when you were informed of your positive result. This may have been sent by the NHS or by a private lab/test provider.

      Antigen result evidence can be accepted if the result was validated by a medical professional or private lab/test provider. For this reason, NHS antigen test results are not accepted because, while the result may have been registered with the NHS, it was not validated.

      We do accept NHS Recovery Certifcates.

  • How long is a Covid recovery certificate valid?

      Your Covid recovery certificate will be valid for as long as you are considered to be immune after having had a Covid infection. The rule on how long the natural immunity lasts varies from country to country. According to the various definitions of countries around the world, natural immunity can last as few as 30 days after recovery or up to 180 days.

  • Can I use the Covid Recovery Certificate more than once?

      A single Covid recovery certificate can be used for multiple visits to the same country or different ones while it is still considered valid by the respective authorities. This is especially useful when compared to the inconvenience posed by pre-travel Covid tests. Pre-travel Covid tests need to be taken within a very limited time window and they must be taken for every individual visit.

  • Can I still use the Covid Recovery Certificate if I develop symptoms?

      No. Under no circumstances must you continue using the Covid recovery certificate if you start exhibiting one or more Covid symptoms. You must immediately take a test, and if you receive a positive result, you must follow the local Covid guidelines.

  • Which Covid test results can be used to apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate?

      You can use virtually any valid Covid test done in a laboratory to provide proof of a positive result when applying for a Covid recovery certificate.

      However, most countries will only accept COVID-19 Recovery Certificates that have been validated using a positive PCR test.

  • Can I use a lateral flow test to apply for a Covid recovery certificate?

      No. The proof of a positive result must be issued from a laboratory-based test. Photos of lateral flow devices (test cassettes with positive results) are not accepted.

  • Can children be issued with a Covid Recovery Certificate?

      Yes, everyone over the age of 5 years who has recovered from a past infection is eligible to apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate.

  • Can I request specific details on my Covid Recovery Certificate?

      We can accept certain requests, such as changing your name on the recovery certificate to match the one on your passport instead of your test result document. This can be due to misspellings or name updates (from maiden names, for instance). Though, in such cases, you will still need to provide a scanned copy of your passport’s ID page.

      However, we firmly refuse to modify any facts as they are stated on the test result document, such as test dates and test types among other factual details.

  • How can I find out if the country I am visiting accepts Covid Recovery Certificates?

      To be sure that your destination country accepts Covid Recovery Certificates as well as their validity rules, it is essential that you check the specific entry requirements on the government’s foreign travel advice page.

  • Some countries require their own government forms filled by a registered doctor; will you do this in addition to a Covid Recovery Certificate?

      Yes, we can help with this; however, there will be an additional charge. Please get in touch with our customer service team for further information.

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