Return to UK Antigen Test


Avoid the time and expense of booking a PCR test at your destination, simply order a Return to UK Antigen Test to take with you.

Take the test and submit the result online. We’ll process your result and send a certificate via email.

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Step 1

Step 1

Order your kits online and we’ll send them to you.
Step 2

Step 2

Complete the test and upload a photo (full instructions provided)
Step 3

Step 3

We’ll send your certificate via email and SMS within 12 hours

Why take a test with you?

Booking tests abroad can be stressful and availability isn’t always guaranteed
Going to an overseas clinic is expensive and time consuming
Results in 15 mins
Certificate sent within 12 hours
QR code validation on certificate
The fine for not taking a pre-arrival test is £500
We are the most affordable provider
Government Approved Test Provider 2021
  • Information

      VIVO Clinic’s Antigen Tests meet the performance standards for use as COVID-19 tests when returning to the UK.

      If you are not fully vaccinated, you must be able to produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test when you are travelling or returning to the UK. Failing to present such proof on arrival can result in a fine.

      Rapid antigen tests (also known as lateral flow tests) with a minimum of 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity are permissible in this regard unless specifically stated otherwise.

      Free antigen tests provided by the NHS cannot be used for travelling to the UK. Thus, you will not be able to acquire the essential fit-to-fly certificates when using them.

      VIVO Clinic supplies ACON Biotech Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test kits. These tests have formally passed the Public Health England and the EU assessments in February 2021 and July 2021, respectively. Furthermore, they exceed the minimum specificity and have a 97.1% sensitivity.

      Rapid antigen tests are easy to perform, and the kits are portable enough so you may take them with you on your visit to an overseas destination. You simply have to take the test then upload the result to our secure portal, after which we will verify the result and send you the fit-to-fly certificate.

  • What is a rapid antigen test?

      Antigen tests or lateral flow tests are a quick and easy way to determine whether you are infected with COVID-19. Antigen test results are accepted for entry into several countries, including UK if you are not fully vaccinated.

  • How long before I return to the UK must I take an antigen test?

      Per government rules, you must take an antigen test within 2 days of departing for the UK.

  • Are fit-to-fly certificates provided with your antigen tests?

      Yes, they are. All VIVO Clinic travel test services include the provision of fit-to-fly certificates with negative results.

      When you get a negative result on your antigen test, you must take a photo of it placed next to the ID page of your passport. Make sure that all the details are clearly visible on the image that you upload on our site.

      We will then verify the result and send you a fit-to-fly certificate.

  • How is a rapid antigen test performed?

      The antigen test is designed in a way that people may perform it themselves.

      Swab samples must be taken from the throat and nose and added to the solution included in the kit. Add four drops of the solution mixed with the samples in the sample window of the lateral flow device. After that, it is only a 15-30 minutes wait before the result is ready.

      All our test kits come with enclosed instructions.

  • Can antigen tests be used as Day 2 tests after returning to the UK?

      Unvaccinated travellers can only use Day 2 PCR tests.

      Please be aware that you must book the Day 2 PCR test well ahead of coming to the UK, and the booking details must be entered into the passenger locator form in the way of a unique reference number.

  • Can I use antigen tests when returning to the UK from anywhere in the world?

      You can use antigen tests for returning to the UK from almost anywhere in the world if you are not fully vaccinated.

      It is important that you are aware of the requirements for entering the UK when travelling back from the country you will be visiting before purchasing the tests. You will find the essential foreign travel information on the government’s website categorized separately for each country.

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