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Reduce your self-isolation quarantine period with a Test to Release PCR test at our Bath clinic.

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In-Clinic PCR Test to Release at our Bath Clinic

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Swab sample collected in-clinic
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Public health England evaluated, and CE marked test
UKAS and CQC registered laboratories
On the Government’s list of test providers
Government Approved Test Provider 2021
  • Information

      When visiting a non-red list country, you will be required to quarantine for ten days on your return to the UK if you are over 18 years and not fully vaccinated. Plus, you will be required to undergo PCR testing on Days 2 and 8.

      However, with the government’s Test to Release scheme, non-red list country returnees self-isolating in England can reduce the mandatory quarantine period by taking an additional PCR test on Day 5.

  • When will I receive my results?

      The next-day results service at our Bath clinic is £ 125.

      The test results will be sent to you via email.

  • What is the Clinic Address?


      The Soul Spa
      2 Hetling Court
      BA1 1SH

  • How can I opt into the Test to Release scheme?

      The Test to Release scheme is voluntary, but participation requires passengers to book the Day 5 PCR test prior to travelling to the UK.

      The booking details must then be submitted in the pre-flight passenger locator form in order to verify that you will be taking part in the Test to Release scheme.

  • Can I travel to your Bath clinic if I am self-isolating?

      Even while you are in quarantine, you can travel to our clinic for your PCR tests, given that you have a pre-booked test appointment with us.

      We recommend taking at-home tests if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms.

  • How does the Test to Release PCR test work?

      As mentioned in the introduction, the Test to Release scheme uses PCR tests to determine whether it is safe for non-red list country returnees to end their quarantines early.

      PCR tests involve extracting a subject’s samples from their nose and throat. These samples are then sequence tested to find the presence of COVID-19.

  • What if I test negative?

      If your Day 5 test comes back negative, you will no longer be required to continue self-isolating. You must still take the Day 8 PCR test.

  • What if I test positive?

      If you get a positive test result, your quarantine period must restart for another full ten days starting from one day from when you took the test. All previous days in quarantine will become invalid.

      Check the NHS website for the latest information.

  • What if my test result is inconclusive?

      Receiving an inconclusive test result will not affect your self-isolation. You must continue to quarantine unless you book a retest and receive a different result.

  • Can I take part in the scheme after I arrive in England?

      As explained in an earlier entry, you must book the Day 5 test before travelling back to the UK. Therefore, you will not be able to participate in the scheme after entering the UK.

  • Can I take part in the scheme if I am travelling from a country on the UK's red list?

      Only non-red list country returnees are eligible to participate in the government’s Test to Release scheme.

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