Manchester In-Clinic Test to Release with Same Day Results


Reduce your self-isolation quarantine period with a Test to Release PCR test at our Manchester clinic.

In-Clinic PCR Test to Release at our Manchester Clinic

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Swab sample collected in-clinic
Guaranteed results within the chosen time frame or your money back
Public health England evaluated, and CE marked test
UKAS and CQC registered laboratories
On the Government’s list of test providers
Government Approved Test Provider 2021
  • Information

      There is a compulsory ten-day quarantine period on arrival if you travel to England from a red list country or are not fully vaccinated but are travelling from a non-red list country. However, if you have to quarantine due to not being fully vaccinated, your quarantine period can be reduced down to only five days with the Test to Release scheme.

      Once you sign up for the scheme, you will be able to take a COVID-19 PCR test on or after the fifth day of your arrival in England. If you get a negative result, you will be allowed to stop self-isolating immediately.

      This scheme is only applicable to those who are self-isolating in England.

  • When will I receive my results?

      Our Manchester clinic facilitates same-day results for £165 and next-day results for £85.

      You will receive the results via email.

  • What is the Clinic Address?

      Manchester clinic’s address:

      The Manchester clinic address is:

      VIVO Clinic (based inside Remedy Lounge)
      Milton Hall
      244 Deansgate
      M3 4BQ

      While there are excellent links to public transport, we recommend travelling alone if you suspect that you have

      Manchester Clinic Map

  • How can I opt into the Test to Release scheme?

      To sign up for the scheme, you must book a Day 5 PCR test before your flight. Then, you must fill in the test appointment details on your passenger locator form when choosing to opt into the Test to Release scheme.

      You can book an in-clinic Day 5 PCR test appointment at our Manchester clinic here.

  • Can I travel to your Manchester clinic if I am self-isolating?

      You can. However, you are required to have a pre-booked COVID-19 PCR test appointment to do so. Your travel will be limited to going directly to our clinic and back to your residence. 

      You must take an at-home test if you have any coronavirus symptoms.

  • How does the Test to Release PCR test work?

      Swab samples from your throat and nose will be collected at our Manchester clinic; then, they will be tested in our laboratory.

  • What if I test negative?

      Your self-isolation period ends when you receive a negative result.

  • What if I test positive?

      You must renew your ten-day self-isolation from one day after your test once you get a positive result.

  • What if my test result is inconclusive?

      You must maintain your quarantine until such a time when you have a conclusive result from a retest.

  • Can I take part in the scheme after I arrive in England?

      As you need to include pre-booked test appointment details on your passenger locator form before your flight, you cannot opt into the scheme after coming to England.

  • Can I take part in the scheme if I am travelling from a country on the travel ban red list?

      You are not eligible to take part in the Test to Release scheme if you are coming in from a red list country or have been through one on your journey to England.

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