Snail Slime Micro-Needling 60 Mins

The use of snail slime to improve skin dates back to ancient Greece, where Hippocrates, the famous physician, reportedly prescribed crushed snails and sour milk as a way to rid the skin of inflammation. In more recent times, the use of snail creams continued when Chilean farmers who handled snails for the French market noticed their skin was visibly smoother. Nowadays, it is the secreted slime discovered by these farmers that is harvested to produce snail cream.

Snail slime microneedling

When snails are agitated, they excrete a thick fluid as a means to protect themselves. It may sound odd to use something like that on your skin, but remember that humans and most other animals also excrete oils as a way to protect their skin. The oil your body secretes to moisturise your skin is made up of lipids, sebum oil, and dead skin cells. As a snail protects itself, the slime that is excreted from its body is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans. All of these nutrients are already commonly added to beauty products and are thought to provide many benefits to the skin.

What happens?

After cleansing and opening the pores with steam, a 240 microneedle roller is applied to the epidermis of the skin, creating thousands of micro-holes. Then, the essence of snail slime is massaged into the face. An LED (light-emitting diode) mask is placed over the face, delivering low-level pulses of light to activate skin cells and help with anti-ageing. Finally, snail slime cream is applied and rubbed soothingly into the face. As a result of this, the skin is rejuvenated, and you will have a brighter and healthier complexion.