Barbados: COVID-19 Travel Information

Information for flying from the UK to Barbados

This information is provided for customers flying to Barbados from the UK. From here you can see the latest infection numbers, entry requirements, travel restrictions, and availability for flights and hotels. Barbados Currently has a traffic light status of green. and PCR entry test requirements are listed as: PCR Required, Should not be older than 72 hours(Book Online)PCR Required, Should not be older than 72 hours(Book Online)

Barbados is currently the 4th most popular travel destination from the UK which is down 1 from last month.

Traffic Light Status: green

Please select your vaccination status below as this will change the entry restrictions and return requirements listed on this page.

Return to UK: Green Requirements

Passenger Locator Form Not Required
Pre-departure Test at Destination Recommended
Hotel Quarantine Not Required
Self-isolation Not Required
Test to Release Not Required
Antigen Testing Not Required
Further Covid Testing Not Required

Buy Covid-19 Tests

Antigen and PCR tests with fit-to-fly certifcates.

Buy Covid-19 Tests

Entry Requirements

Entry Status Open from the UKOpen from the UK
Tests PCR Required, Should not be older than 72 hours(Book Online)PCR Required, Should not be older than 72 hours(Book Online)
Quarantine 5 days (Approved Location)5 days (Approved Location)

Additional Restrictions

Mask Required
Public Transportation Operating
Restaurants Partially open
Disclaimer: The information on this page is provided by a third-party and therefore we can not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. It is imperative that you confirm entry restrictions, either from the UK Government website, or your travel operator.
Barbados Flag
Current Time in Bridgetown: 16 May 2022 12:48 am
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Currently in Bridgetown it is 27°C with broken clouds
1 Pound Sterling (GBP) = 2.47 Barbados Dollar (BBD)
DownDown 1 from last month
Current Travel Popularity: 4/230
UK to Barbados

COVID-19 Statistics

Total Cases 76,571
New Cases 310
Population 288,031
Last Updated 16 May 2022 04:41am

Travel Insurance

Protect your trip with Covid-19 enhanced travel insurance by selecting one of our partners below. Please note, these are affiliate links, so if you purchase a policy we may receive a commission.

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Travel Availability

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What tests do Vivo Clinic Provide?

VIVO Clinic offers both postal and in-clinic PCR Tests for travel to BARBADOS, as well as Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests) to check for current infection of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test results are recognised for travel, and you are provided with a Fit to Fly certificate via email which is what airlines will need for you to fly.

Buy Covid-19 PCR tests and Antigen tests at this link –

What are PCR and Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests)? Why are they different?

PCR and Antigen tests are similar in that our experts take nasal and throat swabs.

Both PCR and Antigen tests are designed to test for the current presence of Covid-19 in an infected person. The two tests vary by reporting a positive result in the following ways:

  • PCR tests – when Covid-19 coronavirus RNA is detected
  • Antigen tests – when Covid-19 antigens are detected

Buy a Vivo Clinic PCR test and also receive an RT-PCR compatible result (not all clinics provide this).

How do I find my nearest Vivo clinic?

Click this link to view all of our Vivo clinics.

Should I need to take a Covid-19 test to travel?

Travelling to Barbados and other Caribbean countries requires that you need to prove that you are free of Covid-19. The proof is available following a negative PCR or Antigen Covid-19 test. With a negative test, we are then able to send a fit-to-fly certificate.

Can I book multiple tests?

Yes! Book, for up to six people at a time.

What is meant by a fit-to-fly certificate? Will you send me one?

A fit-to-fly certificate is a certificate that proves you are currently free of the Covid-19 infection and therefore, fit to fly. You will be eligible to receive this certificate when you have a negative PCR or Antigen test. This is sent from our CQC registered lab.

If you need a Fit-to-Fly certificate for your BARBADOS trip, you can rely on Vivo Clinic when you buy our premium service. With this premium service, your fit-to-fly certificate is sent instantly via email and SMS. The certificate includes a QR code for speedy validation.

What information will the fit-to-fly certificate contain?

The Fit to Fly travel certificate provided to you will include your full name, date of birth, laboratory and test credentials, passport number, time and date of sample, and time and date of the report. This should be all the airports and BARBADOS clearance authorities need.

Must I attend a clinic for testing?

No, tests can be in-clinic or at home. Buy sample collection PCR kits and Antigen test kits online that can be used for home testing. In-clinic or home-based tests are equally effective and can be relied upon for your trip to Barbados.

Is your laboratory regulated?

Yes, the Vivo Clinic laboratory is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our certificate number is CRT1-4708702735.

How long do Vivo Clinic tests take?

Your PCR and Antigen test appointment from start to finish takes will take about fifteen minutes.

What happens in the appointment?

Here is what happens at the appointment:

  • Expect around 15 minutes length for the appointment
  • Our expert staff will collect nasal and throat swabs
  • Admin is needed. A form with both contact and personal information will be completed. Using this information, we are then able to complete your fit-to-fly certificate
  • Our helpful experienced staff are available for support and guidance throughout your appointment

Should I bring my passport to the appointment?

A valid passport (i.e., still in date and with the named person) needs to be seen before we can start the test.

Can I come to a clinic when I have had a Covid-19 infection recently?

We strongly recommend taking at-home tests if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms. Buy home tests that are perfect for your Barbados trip at these links – Antigen and PCR.

Can I find out Covid-19 and travel information for other countries?

Yes, Vivo Clinic has a travel advice portal containing:

  • Country-specific information, for pages like this Barbados one
  • Advice about Covid-19 restrictions & related information for 200+ countries
  • Guidance about local legislation, rules/regulations, and entry requirements
  • Is the country currently open or closed to visitors?



Barbados is accepting international travelers, with many domestic restrictions being re-imposed.

Can I Travel to Barbados?

  • International air travel to Barbados has resumed.
  • All travelers must submit an immigration and customs form before traveling.
  • All arrivals must complete an ED form 72 hours before arriving.

Do I need to go into quarantine when arriving to Barbados?

  • All unvaccinated arrivals to Barbados must quarantine in an approved hotel for 5 days.
  • They will have to be tested again on day 4, if the test is negative the quarantine can be finished sooner.
  • Vaccinated arrivals are exempt.

Are COVID-19 tests required to travel to Barbados?

  • All arrivals to Barbados will be required to present negative PCR test results, no older than 72 hours, or an antigen test, no older than 24 hours.
  • Either test must be performed by a lab.

Is public transportation open in Barbados?

Public transportation in Barbados is operating under social distancing restrictions.

Are restaurants and bars open in Barbados?

  • Restaurants and cafes in Barbados are open, with social distancing and health measures in place.

Are businesses and attractions open in Barbados?

  • Non-essential businesses and attractions in Barbados are open, with health measures in place.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Barbados?

Face masks are required in all public spaces.

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