Dubai (UAE): COVID-19 Travel Information

Information for flying from the UK to Dubai (UAE)

This information is provided for customers flying to Dubai (UAE) from the UK. From here you can see the latest infection numbers, entry requirements, travel restrictions, and availability for flights and hotels. Dubai (UAE) Currently has a traffic light status of green. and PCR entry test requirements are listed as: PCR Required, Should not be older than 48 hours(Book Online)PCR Required, Should not be older than 48 hours(Book Online)

Dubai (UAE) is currently the 24th most popular travel destination from the UK which is down 14 from last month.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Traffic Light Status: green

Please select your vaccination status below as this will change the entry restrictions and return requirements listed on this page.

Return to UK: Green Requirements

Passenger Locator Form Not Required
Pre-departure Test at Destination Recommended
Hotel Quarantine Not Required
Self-isolation Not Required
Test to Release Not Required
Antigen Testing Not Required
Further Covid Testing Not Required

Buy Covid-19 Tests

Antigen and PCR tests with fit-to-fly certifcates.

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Entry Requirements

Entry Status Open from the UKOpen from the UK
Tests PCR Required, Should not be older than 48 hours(Book Online)PCR Required, Should not be older than 48 hours(Book Online)
Quarantine 1 days (Self Quarantine) Only apply if Untile test results become available (and are negative)1 days (Self Quarantine) Only apply if Untile test results become available (and are negative)

Additional Restrictions

Mask Required
Public Transportation Operating
Restaurants Open
Disclaimer: The information on this page is provided by a third-party and therefore we can not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. It is imperative that you confirm entry restrictions, either from the UK Government website, or your travel operator.
Dubai (UAE) Flag
Current Time in Dubai: 16 May 2022 10:08 am
clear sky
Currently in Dubai it is 35°C with clear sky
1 Pound Sterling (GBP) = 4.51 UAE Dirham (AED)
DownDown 14 from last month
Current Travel Popularity: 24/230
UK to Dubai (UAE)

COVID-19 Statistics

Total Cases 902,484
New Cases 323
Population 10,113,277
Last Updated 16 May 2022 06:01am

Travel Insurance

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Travel Availability

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What tests are available from Vivo Clinic?

VIVO Clinic offers both postal and in-clinic PCR Tests for travel to DUBAI, as well as Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests) to check for current infection of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test results are recognised for travel, and you are provided with a Fit to Fly certificate via email which is what airlines will need for you to fly.

Buy Antigen and PCR tests from Vivo Clinic by clicking here.

What are PCR and Antigen (Lateral Flow Tests)?

Both PCR and Antigen tests involve the collection of nasal and throat swabs.

The PCR tests uses the swabs and tests them for Covid-19 coronavirus RNA. Where the test finds this specific RNA, a positive test is reported. Standard and RT-PCR tests are available, all PCR tests from Vivo Clinic comply with both test formats (which is important for some destinations).

The Antigen test (lateral flow test) uses the swabs to detect Covid-19 antigens (rather than RNA). This test has a lower cost, is fast and widely recognised to accurately test for a current Covid-19 infection.

How do I find my nearest Vivo clinic?

Visit this link to view a list of all Vivo clinics.

Do I need a Covid-19 test to be able to travel?

When travelling to Dubai you will need to prove you are not infected with Covid-19. Many international destinations now request a fit-to-fly certificate as an entry requirement. You can obtain this certificate following a negative result after taking a Covid-19 test (PCR or Antigen).

Can I book tests for more than one person?

Yes, you can book, appointments for up to six people.

I need a fit-to-fly certificate, will I get one from your certificates?

If you receive a negative PCR or Antigen test you will receive a fit-to-fly certificate. This contains valuable information about your current Covid-19-free health status and therefore, your “fitness to fly”.

Results are emailed from our CQC registered lab:

  • Negative results will contain a results sheet and fit-to-fly certificate
  • Positive results will mean you are unfit to fly, and no certificate will be sent

In certain circumstances, you might require an instant Fit-to-Fly certificate for your DUBAI trip. This is no problem, when you purchase our premium service, we supply your certificate instantly. Receive a fit-to-fly certificate instantly via email and SMS complete with a QR code for speedy validation with the premium service.

What information is on the fit-to-fly certificate?

The Fit to Fly travel certificate provided to you will include your full name, date of birth, laboratory and test credentials, passport number, time and date of sample, and time and date of the report. This should be all the airports and DUBAI clearance authorities need.

Do I have to visit a clinic, or can I test from home?

There is no need to visit a clinic. Here at Vivo Clinic, we sell sample collection PCR kits and Antigen test kits online, which can be used for home testing.

Our in-clinic or home-based tests are equally effective and provide all you need for your upcoming trip to Dubai, UAE.

Is your laboratory regulated?

Yes, our laboratory is both registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our certificate number is CRT1-4708702735.

How long do I need to allow for an in-clinic PCR and Antigen test?

For either a PCR or Antigen test in-clinic appointment you will need to allow about fifteen minutes.

What happens at in-clinic appointments, do I need to bring my passport?

Here is what happens at PCR and/or Antigen test appointments:

  • The appointment lasts around 15 minutes
  • Nasal and throat swabs will be collected by expert Vivo Clinic staff
  • Some admin is involved. We will need some personal and contact information. With the information collected, we will be able to complete your fit-to-fly certificate
  • A valid passport is needed, without this, we cannot complete the test
  • Additional guidance and support is provided by our experienced staff

I have Covid-19, am self-isolating or think I might be infected? Can I visit a clinic?

Where you have Covid-19, are self-isolating or suspect you are infected the best idea is to test from home.

Buy home tests for your DUBAI trip – Antigen and PCR at these links.

As well as Dubai, I am travelling to other countries too, do you have information about them?

Yes, Vivo Clinic has produced a travel advice portal. This contains information such as:

  • Country-specific content, presented in a similar format to this Dubai page
  • Advice about Covid-19 restrictions and travel information for 200+ countries
  • Guidance about destination laws, regulations, and other important entry requirements
  • Yes/no, information about whether the country is open (or not) to visitors

Popular Airports in the UAE:

Use our Flight Checker to see available flights.

Airport IATA Distance
Dubai International Airport DXB 21 km
Sharjah International Airport SHJ 40 km
Al Maktoum International Airport DWC 61 km



  • Dubai has opened its borders for visitors from most countries, with health measures in place.
  • Domestically, most restrictions have been lifted.

Can I Travel to Dubai (UAE)?

It is possible to travel to Dubai from countries not considered high-risk.

Do I need to go into quarantine when arriving to Dubai (UAE)?

Some arrivals to Dubai may be required to be tested on arrival and will be required to self-quarantine in their hotel or place of residence until receiving a negative test result.

Are COVID-19 tests required to travel to Dubai (UAE)?

  • All arrivals will be required to present a negative PCR test, no older than 48 hours, and valid health insurance to enter.
  • Fully vaccinated and recently recovered travelers are exempt from pre-arrival testing.
  • All arrivals must have a QR code to enter.

Is public transportation open in Dubai (UAE)?

Public transportation in Dubai is operating in a limited capacity.

Are restaurants and bars open in Dubai (UAE)?

Restaurants and cafes in Dubai are open, with social distancing measures in place.

Are businesses and attractions open in Dubai (UAE)?

  • All non-essential businesses and attractions in Dubai have reopened.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Dubai (UAE)?

  • Wearing face masks is required in some public places and public transportation.
  • Masks are no longer required while working out in public places, on beaches and pools, and in facilities like hair salons and medical centers while being treated.
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Information for vaccinated travellers updated

10 September, 2021

Fully vaccinated visitors in Dubai (UAE) will no longer be required to enter quarantine on arrival. Unvaccinated travellers arriving in Dubai (UAE) from green list countries, including ones who are exempt from taking the vaccine, will be obligated to take PCR tests on arrival.

More information on the government’s website.

FCDO lists advisory against travel to Dubai (UAE)

6 August, 2021

Following the latest COVID-19 assessment, FCDO withdraws advice against all but essential travel to Dubai (UAE).

More information on the government’s website.

Update on direct flights to the UK

7 June, 2021

All direct flights from Dubai (UAE) to England will be arriving in dedicated terminals at Heathrow and Birmingham airports from 8 June.

Further information can be found on government’s website.

UK travellers exempt from quarantine

6 May, 2021

The UAE announced that travellers coming to Dubai (UAE) from the UK will not be required to quarantine.

Please visit the government’s website for details.

Flights to Scotland resume

8 April, 2021

Restrictions lifted on direct flights from the Dubai (UAE) to Scotland from 8 April.

Travel to Dubai (UAE) no longer advised against by the FCDO

12 November, 2020

The FCSO has updated advice for Dubai (UAE). Previously the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advised against travel to Dubai (UAE) but that advice has now been changed. Additionally, self-isolation is no longer required when returning to the UK.

Essential travel to Dubai (UAE) advised by the FCDO

30 January, 2021

The FCDO has released updated travel information and advice for Dubai (UAE). From 30 January, any British and Irish nationals who reside in the UK, arriving from the Dubai (UAE), must quarantine in a hotel. Visitors entering the UK, who have travelled through the Dubai (UAE) in the last 10 days, will not be allowed entry into the UK.


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