Travel Data for January

January was another whirlwind month for the travel industry. There were several significant factors which have produced some really interesting data.

The 31st of January was the official date when Britain parted ways with the EU. As a result, many changes have been made to travel restrictions.

The vaccine rollout has been ramped up rapidly, starting with the elderly and other vulnerable demographics. As a result, holiday bookings from recently vaccinated citizens are skyrocketing.

The UK suspended the travel corridor list, which is the list of countries that previously did not require a quarantine period when arriving in the UK.

Finally, there has been the usual smorgasbord of changes to entry requirements, so let’s jump into the numbers.

Most popular travel destination from the UK for January

There’s been a lot of movement on the chart, but there have been no drastic changes with the most popular destinations.

Country Travel Popularity Last Month Change
India 1st 4th +3
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2nd 2nd
Netherlands 3rd 8th +5
France 4th 7th +3
Spain 5th 1st -4


Why are people travelling?

Leisure saw another large drop in the reasons for travel in January. This drop is largely due to the lockdown and tightened international travel restrictions.

January Reasons for Travel

Largest increases in travel popularity

As usual, changes in travel restrictions and new testing requirements have caused some significant increases in popularity for several destinations.

Country Travel Popularity Change
Bulgaria 26th +97
New Zealand 29th +94
Sweden 32nd +91
Latvia 42nd +81
Canada 10th +76


Largest decreases in travel popularity

Changes to testing requirements have seen these five countries plummet in popularity.

Country Travel Popularity Last Month Change
USA 123rd 15th -108
Slovakia 123rd 29th -94
Morocco 113th 113th -85
The Gambia -76 123rd +81
Jordan -74 106th +76



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