Uguisu Facial – Nightingale Bird Poo Treatment

The use of Nightingale poo as a facial treatment has raised a few eyebrows, but its history and results are the reason why the Uguisu facial has become a popular method of revitalising skin among celebrities in America. Now, VIVO Clinic has combined this unusual but effective treatment with our pioneering facial technology, providing an affordable procedure that clears the skin, reduces pores/blemishes and is said to give the skin a unique glow.

The Nightingale Geisha Facial treatment originated in Japan. Although this also an important commodity in Korea, the Koreans only used the excrement as a stain removal agent for clothes. The Japanese began similar techniques, and soon after found that the Nightingale droppings were an effective agent in removing the thick oil-based makeups used by the Geishas (see research).

The Geishas readily adopted this method, not only because of its effectiveness but also because they found that it made their skin appear younger, healthier and more vibrant.

This little-known technique has seen only minor use outside of Japan until recently, as media coverage has shone a light on the Nightingale Geisha facial. Now this treatment has been successfully combined with the HD vacuum suction massage, exclusively available in the UK at VIVO Clinic.

Uguisu Facial Treatment

Geisha Bird Poo Uguisu Facial

Contrary to how the name might sound, the Geisha bird poo Uguisu facial is not only sanitary but also a pleasant and relaxing experience. The valuable nightingale droppings are collected at specialist farms in Japan and dried under ultraviolet light, before being crushed into a fine powder.


How does the Nightingale Uguisu Facial work?

The Geisha Facial uses dried and sanitised Nightingale droppings that have been crushed into a fine powder. The powder contains an enzyme which reacts with dead skin, breaking it down and exfoliating the skin, leaving your face clean and refreshed.

This unusual anti-ageing facial treatment is rumoured to be popular with Victoria Beckham, as well a host of other A-list celebrities.

What will happen?

We begin by using a non-needle steam derma-roller, which cleanses and opens the pores. Your face is massaged, improving circulation and the production of collagen.

Our bespoke HD suction massage technology will then rejuvenate the face by bringing the blood closer to the surface of the skin.

We then apply a combination of the Nightingale powder and rose water. Low-level light pulses are then distributed onto the skin using a LED mask, which helps with the anti-ageing effect.

The result is healthier, younger looking skin.