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VIVO Clinic Fat Loss App

VIVO Fat Loss App

Keeping on target is important to ensure the very best results. Our treatments, just like surgery and exercising, can only guarantee results if patients follow our advice and keep on target.

It is important to remain relatively healthy, indulging in all foods bad for your will hinder results. We recommend everything in moderation. It is completely acceptable to live your life how you always have, all we ask is you maintain your current weight and enjoy visible fat loss results. Exercising is beneficial, but if physical activity has never been a part of your lifestyle then it does not have to be now. Just do what you always have, and we will do the rest with our treatments and the use of our VIVO clinic fat loss app.


Download the Fat Loss App

We appreciate keeping on target is not always easy, especially during the holidays. To help, we have developed “The VIVO Clinic Fat Loss App” a piece of software, which will assist you with your weight loss goals. The app provides a powerful dashboard, which will allow you and your consultant to interact as soon as you log in. The aim of this software is to ensure we are with you every step of the way and to confirm you are on target with your goals. The fat loss app is available on Androidand iOS.

Using the fat loss app, patients are able to log in their weight and upload before and after pictures as well as creating groups with their friends to get everyone involved and increase motivation to stay on target. This is an incredible way of ensuring you maintain your weight. More importantly, we will receive an instant email notifying us when you have not weighed in or met your weekly milestone. The objective is to guarantee progress and get you back on track as soon as possible, whether that requires encouragement or further treatments. This is important because binge eating can affect the treatment.

The fat loss app lets track your own progress with the use of graphs and data analysis, so you too can have a visible indication of your advancement to ensure that your current weight is maintained, whilst you reap the benefits of our fat loss treatments. Just live your life the way that you always have and see visible fat reduction.

Here at VIVO Clinic we aim for 100% satisfaction every time, after all, you are paying for the treatment and deserve the very best results. So work with us and we will do this together.