VIVO Clinic launches Covid Recovery Certificate service

The globally recognised Covid recovery certificate can be used for foreign travel purposes in place of proof of vaccinations.

VIVO Clinic has recently added a Covid Recovery Certificate service to its comprehensive range of Covid travel tests and services.

Covid recovery certificates are internationally recognised and may be used in the place of a fully vaccinated status when travelling to certain countries.

People who have had Covid in the last 6 months will be able to apply for their certificates. The certificates provided by VIVO Clinic are signed by a GMC-registered doctor and can be used to travel to all the countries that accept proof of Covid recovery in lieu of proof of vaccination.

Travelling using a Covid Recovery Certificate

Travellers who have recently recovered from Covid can use this certificate to be permitted to travel to numerous countries, regardless of their vaccination status, with the rules for fully vaccinated travellers applying to them.

Eligible travellers who apply for the certificate from VIVO Clinic will be able to do so with ease. Applicants obtaining the service from VIVO Clinic can expect the following:

  • Certificates within 2 hours
  • No appointments
  • Quick and easy online form
  • Certificates signed by GMC-registered doctors

What is a Covid recovery certificate?

Numerous regions all over the world are currently accepting proof of recovery from Covid from international travellers. Travellers who have had and recovered from a Covid infection can use Covid recovery certificates to enter certain countries with the same requirements that apply for the fully vaccinated passengers.

People who recovered from Covid 6 months prior to travelling may apply for this certificate to prove their recovery status.

Furthermore, applicants for a Covid recovery certificate must not have any active symptoms of Covid. It is essential that they can present a positive result from a valid test. However, the positive test date must be at least 7 days prior to the date of application for the certificate.

Nevertheless, the entry requirements of countries and regions may vary. There are different policies around the world concerning how long a post-recovery Covid immunity is considered valid. Please check your destination country’s most recent travel rule updates and entry requirements on the government’s foreign travel advice page.

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Applying for a Covid Recovery Certificate

The application for a Covid recovery certificate from VIVO Clinic involves the following steps:

  1. Filling out an online form. The application form is brief and requires only essential information.
  2. Submitting a copy of your positive Covid test document or NHS notification screenshot.
  3. Finally, waiting for your recovery status to be verified and the certificate to be prepared.

If your application is successful, you will receive your Covid recovery certificate within 2 hours.

All Covid travel documents from VIVO Clinic are sent out via email.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Covid recovery certificate for foreign travel:

  • You need to have recovered from Covid at least 6 months prior to your travel dates
  • The date of the initial positive Covid test must be at least 7 days old at the time of application
  • You must not have any active symptoms of Covid (including, but not limited to, fever, persistent cough, and respiratory complications)
  • You (or the applicant) must be aged 5 years and over

What documents are required for the application

  • The original positive Covid test document
  • A valid passport

Advantages of procuring a Covid Recovery Certificate from VIVO Clinic

  • You will receive your certificate within 2 hours of applying for it
  • A GMC-registered doctor signs Covid recovery certificates from VIVO Clinic
  • VIVO Clinic’s Covid travel documents, including Covid test results and Covid recovery certificates, are recognised internationally by every country in the world and all major airlines

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Which countries accept Covid recovery certificates?

In addition to various nations worldwide, all EU member countries currently accept Covid recovery certificates from international arrivals in place of vaccine certificates.

Furthermore, many countries are changing their rules every day to join the rank of countries that formally recognise travellers’ Covid recovery status.

Please consult with the government’s foreign travel advice page to ensure that your destination country accepts Covid recovery certificates from the UK.

Apply for your Covid Recovery Certificate



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