Why buy lateral flow tests from VIVO Clinic?

When purchasing your lateral flow tests for travel, it is only natural that you want the best product or service for the lowest cost. Fortunately, VIVO Clinic has you covered.

With new rules in action, the use of lateral flow tests (also known as rapid antigen tests) has made foreign travel more accessible. However, while NHS antigen tests are readily available, they absolutely cannot be used for overseas travel.

Instead, the government has ruled that travel antigen tests can only be acquired from private providers on the authorised list.

The travel law update has given way to a sudden rise in demand for rapid antigen tests. Inevitably, the heightened market demand initiated countless novel travel test enterprises to set up shop overnight.

Worrying as it may be, most of these brand-new companies lack sufficient healthcare experience and are not adequately capable of providing tests of fitting standards.

On the other hand, VIVO Clinic not only provides the cheapest postal lateral flow tests for travel in the entire country, but the company can also boast of abundant industry experience that enables them to provide a premium travel testing service.

Furthermore, VIVO Clinic has been a part of the private healthcare industry since 2014, providing non-surgical treatments. So here is a company with enough years under its belt not only to acknowledge but appreciate the importance of safe clinical procedures.

Apart from having over 8000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, here are a few reasons to buy your antigen tests for travel from VIVO Clinic:

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The cheapest lateral flow tests in the UK

With VIVO Clinic’s click and collect service, you can purchase a Day 2 lateral flow test kits for £7.50 each. This price is all-inclusive – meaning no hidden charges and no hidden agendas.

The one-off payment will include the rapid antigen test kit, online QR-code result verification, and test result document.

Furthermore, the postal lateral flow test service at £9.45 makes VIVO Clinic’s antigen tests the cheapest on the government’s approved list.

The postal antigen test service includes signed for delivery and all the testing provisions mentioned above.

End-to-end lateral flow testing service

There are no third-party companies involved with VIVO Clinic’s antigen testing services. That means when using an antigen test and submitting the ensuing results to the company’s secure online portal; your results do not get transmitted to a partner concern or industry affiliate.

VIVO Clinic’s qualified clinical staff carry out the results verification. All the results documents and fit to fly certificates are produced in-house by trained staff and delivered directly to clients.

24-hour phone support

VIVO Clinic has been actively operating in the travel tests industry since the beginning of the international COVID-19 emergency. Thus, the company was able to develop superior insight into clients’ needs.

The 24-hour phone support was put in place with the understanding that international travel is time-sensitive, and clients may need emergency support at any time. Whether it is a simple query or more immediate assistance, customers can get in touch at any time.

You can reach VIVO Clinic Customer Support 24/7 on 0333 305 8486.

Quick results and easy delivery

Antigen tests are inherently fast when it comes to COVID-19 testing. The test uses a lateral flow device (LFD) to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen proteins in a swab sample taken from an asymptomatic person. The LFD returns a reading, which is essentially the test result, in approximately 15 minutes.

VIVO Clinic specialises in a quick turnaround. With rapid tests like antigen tests, the result documents are prepared and delivered promptly.

While at-home test users can expect their verified results along with the official documentation within 12 hours, the in-clinic service users will receive the results and essential documents in 1 hour.

VIVO Clinic results delivery is twofold for customer convenience: fit to fly certificates and other result documents are delivered via email and SMS.

More travel test options

Other than the postal antigen test kits and the click-and-collect service, customers can also choose in-clinic antigen testing. VIVO Clinic has more than 30 locations all over the United Kingdom to pick from for the in-clinic antigen test services.

Besides antigen tests for travel, VIVO Clinic also has a range of PCR tests for travel and travel-related purposes. The PCR testing service includes:

  • Fit to fly PCR tests
  • Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests
  • Test to Release Day 5 PCR tests

PCR tests are used by travellers who are not fully vaccinated, as well as to visit countries that do not accept fit to fly antigen tests.


For a full range of travel test products and services, visit: https://vivoclinic.com/shop/tests/