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Botox Birmingham

Botox Injections in Birmingham

The popular anti-aging treatment comes to VIVO Clinic

As we get older, the signs of ageing are most apparent in our face. Crow’s feet and frown lines affect both men and women, and can cause us to feel less confident. Botox is not a permanent solution, but it is highly effective at reducing the signs of ageing for 3-4 months*, and the treatment is now available to be administered by an experienced doctor at VIVO Clinic Birmingham.

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Alma Soprano Ice

Laser Hair Removal Birmingham

Permanent Soprano Ice laser hair removal at VIVO Clinic Birmingham

VIVO Clinic Birmingham uses Soprano Ice, the most advanced and effective laser hair removal technology on the market.

Our treatment is clinically proven* to permanently destroy unwanted hair follicles.

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HIFU Essex

HIFU Essex

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) facelift in Essex

The HIFU facelift at VIVO Clinic Essex is an advanced cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the signs of ageing.

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Middle Aged Woman

Staying fit over 60

At around 60 years old, you may find it a difficult task to maintain the active lifestyle that you had during your 20’s and 30’s. That’s where you need to pay special attention towards how to stay fit over 60.

Here is a list of few effective tips that you can follow to help you stay fit over 60!

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