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Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift

The Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift simultaneously reduces fat deposits and tightens the skin in an effective and safe manner.

This affordable treatment with long-term results is made possible by the unique merger of Tri-Polar and ultrasound technology.

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Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift
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Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Tightened bum skin
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Contoured buttocks
  • Reduced fatty deposits

A unique combination of clinical ultrasound technology and Tri-Polar technology make the treatment possible.

The Tri-Polar radio frequency helps tighten the skin while the ultrasound application is responsible for ‘melting’ unsightly pockets of fat.

This highly effective combination of technology is only available at VIVO Clinic.

Treatment results are visible almost immediately. However, in some cases, the initial results can take a few days to appear.

This is highly dependent on the individual undergoing the treatment.

While some people are able to achieve successful results after one session, most people may require extra sessions for the desired results.

The Tri-Polar technology, which makes the treatment possible, is suitable for all skin types. However, if you have specific questions regarding your skin and the procedure, those can be addressed during the clinical consultation.

Although the results of the Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift can be maintained for long-term effects following a course of treatments, the results are not permanent.

As the body and its muscles and skin age, there will be natural wear and tear. Signs of ageing, like sagging and loose skin, do eventually return.

However, our clients are always welcome to top-up sessions whenever they feel they may need some, whether in a year or more.

The Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift does not result in any downtime.

Once you have had your in-clinic appointment, you can step out of our clinic to resume your normal activities without even requiring a break.

It is not painful at all.

The Brazilian Bum Lift at VIVO Clinic has been described as a ‘relaxing break,’ in fact.


As the procedure is fully non-surgical, there is no requirement for anaesthesia during the procedure.

Immediately after the procedure has been performed, there may be slight redness in the treated area.

This redness typically subsides within an hour or two.

Besides the redness, some people may experience slight bruising and tenderness. Both effects are transient.

Being a fully non-surgical procedure, our Brazilian Bum Lift does not require any surgical incisions to be made in the area of treatment.

In fact, no surgical equipment is used during the procedure; no needles, scalpels, or any other type of invasive tools are ever utilised.

Thus, there is never any scarring following the non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift.

It is an exceptionally safe treatment.

The equipment used and all VIVO Clinic locations are routinely checked for safety issues. The safety of our clients is our first priority, therefore, we do not provide services that may put users at risk.

Furthermore, in comparison to the traditional Brazilian bum lifts, the non-surgical treatment bypasses all kinds of associated risks and complications.



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