Double Chin Reduction

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The initial results of Double Chin Reduction can be seen almost immediately after the treatment.

The collagen fibres of the treated area tighten almost immediately, and there is a visible loss of fat.

Further improvements occur as more collagen is produced and the current collagen fibres continue to be stimulated.

Full results may take around 6 to 12 weeks to become visible.

Result of Double Chin Reduction

Most people achieve the required benefits of the treatment following only a single in-clinic session.

Even then, the number of sessions required for the best results is not the same for everyone.

The experienced clinical professionals at VIVO Clinic can provide practical estimates during the initial consultation session, whether it is a single session or more a client requires for optimum results.

In the event that more than one session is required, discounts are offered on block bookings.

A Woman with Double Chin

While side effects rarely occur following our Double Chin Reduction treatment, some people may experience a mild soreness accompanied by swelling and redness.

The soreness and its accompanying effects, if they occur at all, are short-lived and disappear within a few days.

There may also be some irritation if the treated area is exposed to direct sunlight or becomes tanned via other methods.

In cases of such irritation, we recommend using moisturiser to help soothe the area.

Area treated by Double Chin Reduction

Double Chin Reduction is a highly safe treatment.

The treatment primarily involves the use of radio frequency technology, which has no effect on connective tissues, nerves, or blood vessels.

Moreover, the in-clinic experience is relaxing and comfortable.

Our clients report feeling a gentle warmth emitted from the radio frequency applicator during the treatment.

A single in-clinic session of Double Chin Reduction does not last longer than 30 minutes.

Double Chin Reduction done on a Woman

The radio frequency applicators used in Double Chin Reduction contain electrodes that safely deliver electrical currents.

This way, the radio frequency penetrates deep within the area of treatment and produces heat.

The heat energy triggered by the radio frequency causes the skin to tighten.

At the same time, collagen production is encouraged, and present collagen fibres are invigorated.

These processes, working in tandem, cause the excess fat cells in the treated area to be disrupted and the skin to tighten and become smoother and more firm.

Double chins, in many cases, are not a sign of weight gain but rather a sign of ageing.

With age, much of the facial skin’s integrity is lost due to a dramatic decline of collagen.

As a result, the inelastic skin of the chin becomes sagging and droopy.



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