Radio Frequency Fat-melting

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It is perfectly safe, and the actual in-clinic experience has been described as ‘amazingly relaxing.’

No, the clinical procedures for this fat reduction treatment are not at all painful.

As stated above, past clients have described the actual procedure as ‘amazingly relaxing.’

A single in-clinic session can last around 30 minutes or more, depending on the area being treated.

Initial results can be seen almost immediately, with further improvements appearing over the next few days.

This fat loss treatment is ideal if you are short on time, as results can be experienced more rapidly than with other fat reduction techniques.

The number of sessions you require will depend upon your desired results, which is why we suggest you book a free telephone consultation so we can discuss your goals.

If more than one session is required, we offer discounts on block bookings.

Side effects are quite uncommon with this treatment.

Very few people may experience some mild soreness, and even fewer people report irritation.

These effects are mild and temporary.

Radio frequency (RF) delivers a safe electrical current to the treated area via the electrodes on the HD Lipo machine.

The RF heats the area and deeply penetrates the skin. Our brain interprets RF as a source of energy, causing the skin to react like a resistor.

Heating the cells within a safe range tightens the skin, making it smoother and reducing cellulite.

As we get older, the integrity of our elastin and collagen proteins decreases, causing our skin to wrinkle and become loose, as well as making it more susceptible to cellulite.

It is the heat from the radio frequency procedure that stimulates the collagen, causing it to contract and tighten while disrupting stubborn fat cells.


Radio Frequency Fat-melting is a highly effective non-surgical fat removal treatment that provides very swift results.

Studies indicate that radio frequency tends to have a significant effect on the body that results in the fat reduction process.

You can find further details on this 2016 research and other similar papers.

You will be able to avail yourself of various non-surgical treatments at VIVO Clinic, and plenty of them are centered on fat reducing effects.

You will find that all the other non-surgical fat-loss treatments offered by VIVO Clinic have similar attributes to the Radio Frequency Fat-melting.

Namely, they are all affordable and highly effective, and none of them requires any recovery on the patient’s part.

Furthermore, all of them provide potentially long-term results.

Some of our most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatments include the following:



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