Cellulite Reduction Treatment

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Cellulite Reduction
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Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction

Includes supersonic cavitation, radiofrequency fat melt & tighten

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In most cases, the most successful results can be achieved after 3 to 6 in-clinic sessions.

Some people, however, are able to benefit from the best results after a few more sessions.

Cellulite Reduction - Before and After

Each treatment session lasts around 30 minutes.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment results are long-term when a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

You can count on the results staying for at least 6 months after the final treatment session.

The cellulite-affected area is vacuum-massaged using a handheld applicator.

The applicator massage creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface and sucks up the skin between rollers located around a suction device.

The applicator gently folds the skin between rollers and applies controlled radio frequency.

The negative suction pressure created by the vacuum mobilises the fatty tissue and loosens the connective tissue strands, thereby reducing the dimpled appearance of the skin.

The radio frequency makes the skin smoother and tighter.

Additionally, massage therapy generates heat and causes a breakdown of the fat.

Furthermore, the process also stretches the connective tissue vertically and improves the microcirculation within the skin capillaries.

The treatment is completely painless. The sensation of this relaxing treatment has been compared to that of a hot stone massage.

After undergoing the Cellulite Reduction Treatment, it is normal to have some mild swelling and a little redness.

The side effects are temporary and very mild.

Our Cellulite Reduction Treatment can be done on all skin types and is suitable for anyone over 18 years of age.

As it is completely non-surgical, it is extremely safe too.

The only exceptions are pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

Nevertheless, if you have any specific concerns, those can be addressed and discussed in detail during the clinical consultation.

There is no need to recover after Cellulite Reduction Treatment sessions.

It is the same for almost all our non-surgical treatments – there is no post-treatment downtime.

Once through with the treatment, it is possible to resume daily activities immediately.

It is a perfectly safe procedure with minimal side effects.

All our equipment and clinics are routinely reviewed in order to maintain the highest safety standards.

The safety and satisfaction of clients are at the heart of our services.

Cellulite occurs on the skin due to the loosening of underlying connective tissue. This can happen for several reasons.

One of the most common factors for cellulite in younger people is leading a sedentary life. Minimal physical activity can cause connective tissue of the skin and certain muscles to become less elastic.

The other common reason is ageing. The skin and connective tissues naturally lose elasticity as people grow older. Cellulite is, naturally, more visible in some than others as they grow older due to lifestyle choices and genetic factors.

Hormonal changes also play a role in causing cellulite to appear. It is most commonly seen in women as oestrogen is known to trigger the development of cellulite.

The most common area of the body where cellulite most easily forms is the hip area.

Other common areas for cellulite development include the breasts, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.

Since the fat cells and toxins related to the cellulite are eradicated through the treatment, it is important to stay adequately hydrated for a few days after the treatment.

Hydration allows quicker and more thorough expulsion of toxins and dead fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system.

If appropriate, our clinicians will provide you with further aftercare guidance during the consultation session.

Of course, you can. As stated in a previous section, there is no recovery period. Nothing after the treatment should stop you from continuing your exercise, yoga, or gym routine.

In fact, physical activity following the treatment can even help expel the post-treatment dead cells faster from your body via the body’s lymphatic system.



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