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Chin Freeze

Chin Freeze

This pain-free and affordable treatment targets double chins and chins with excess fat to give permanent results. Chin Freeze destroys 40-60% of the stubborn fat, however, when combined with supersonic cavitation also removes inches from the area.

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Cryolipolysis is highly effective at removing excess fat cells from areas of the body without surgery.

Research shows that the procedure’s rate of success is brilliantly high.

Since the fat removal is permanent, the results are potentially long-lasting with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The abdomen, back, and thighs are the most popular choices for fat freezing but the treatment can be used on the chin just as effectively.

The majority of people who undergo 360° Chin Cryolipolysis benefit from a single in-clinic session.

However, as each person responds differently to the treatment, some people may require follow-up sessions.

Fat cells removed using the fat freezing method are done so permanently – the adult body has a finite quantity of fat cells.

While a person having undergone the treatment may not regain the fat cells, the remaining fat cells may grow in size if they lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

When there is an excess intake of calories, the body will store the extra calories in the remaining fat cells.

Cryolipolysis cannot be used to treat cellulite.

However, VIVO Clinic’s Double Chin Reduction can help tighten the chin and reduce cellulite.

The results of the Double Chin Reduction treatment are achieved by utilising radio frequency technology to promote collagen reproduction and stimulation.

We offer discounted rates when both treatments are booked together.

The side effects related to fat freezing are extremely mild in nature and perfectly temporary.

These include some swelling and redness on the treated areas of the body following an in-clinic session.

Both side effects subside within a few days.

During the fat freezing treatment, many of our clients have also reported feeling slight numbness due to the cold temperature in the areas being treated.

Fat freezing treatments, including the 360° Chin Cryolipolysis, target and removes fat cells permanently.

The procedure is done by exposing the fat cells to sub-zero temperatures between -7°C and -8°C.

The fat cells are disrupted and killed after a prolonged, controlled administration of the freezing cold.

The dead fat cells are then removed from the body naturally via the lymphatic system.

Since the adult body cannot produce new fat cells, their removal is permanent.

If a person who has undergone cryolipolysis follows a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the results of the treatment are potentially long-term.

360° Chin Cryolipolysis is fully non-surgical and non-invasive. The nature of the treatment renders any requirement to recover afterwards unnecessary.

As there is no downtime, our clients are able to return to their regular activities immediately without taking any time off.



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