HydroDerma Facial

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Hydro Derma Facial
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Hydro Derma Facial

Hydro Derma Facial

This affordable restoration therapy rejuvenates the dermis and epidermis within the face and creates fresh new contours on the surface.

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A single in-clinic session of HydroDerma Facial can last around 45 minutes.

However, the time may vary based on individual needs and skin conditions.

The results of the treatment are instant.

Further improvements develop with the passing of time.

There is no recovery time after this facial treatment.

Being a fully non-invasive treatment allows people undergoing it to resume their regular activities immediately after.

Our HydroDerma Facial treatment includes four steps: exfoliation, chemical peel, hydro-extraction and initiation of serums as part of the conventional facial.

However, combined with NASA light therapy, optimum rejuvenation is achieved. This creates a new, fresh contour to the skin’s surface and rejuvenates the dermis and epidermis within the skin.

Combine with the HydroDerma Facial NASA light for an additional £50.

This non-invasive facial treatment is not even slightly painful. It is a relaxing and refreshing experience.

This relaxing and effective facial treatment is perfectly safe.

Furthermore, our clinics and equipment undergo thorough safety reviews routinely.

It is exceptionally effective.

Almost everyone who undergoes the therapy experiences the effects almost immediately, with further improvements with time.

All the different phases of the facial work together to provide astonishing anti-ageing benefits. This 2008 research concludes that the HydroDerma Facial is more effective than simply using anti-ageing serums.

Besides the reduced signs of ageing, the face is left feeling hydrated, refreshed, and replenished just after a single session.

Yes, it does.

The exfoliation phase helps remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the face, leaving the pores clean and conditioned.

The hydro-extraction step then involves further clearing out the pores from deep within to get rid of blackheads and other impurities that may be lodged deep within the facial pores.

The HydroDerma Facial can be safely done on all skin types regardless of sex, ethnicity, or age.

Yes, of course.

Pollutants in the air, exposure to the sun, and even stress can make perfectly healthy skin take on a dull appearance.

This facial therapy is very effective at counteracting the effects of free radicals to give the skin its natural shine back.

Once the skin has been deeply cleansed and refreshed, the tired and dull look effectively disappears.

One of the major benefits of this facial therapy is the rehydration of the skin.

HydroDerma Facial can easily refresh dry skin and give it a new life all its own.

This facial therapy can effectively with mild cases of acne. Due to the cleansing and unclogging actions of the treatment, acne can be significantly reduced.

The dermabrasion effect of the treatment can successfully aid in the reduction of pigmentation.

LED Light Facial Therapy can also help with acne.



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