Foreign Travel Update: Everything we know


The current traffic light system is being withdrawn for simpler foreign travel rules from 4 October. Keep an eye on this article for regular updates on the latest changes to UK’s foreign travel policies. Last updated: 20/09/2021   Although foreign travel is now more accessible than it has been in a while, the pandemic is …read more

Can the NHS antigen tests be used for travel?

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Rapid Antigen tests may be used in lieu of PCR tests for travel. However, there are certain circumstances that allow this. The NHS provides two different testing services related to COVID-19: PCR tests Rapid Lateral Flow tests (also referred to as Antigen or Rapid Antigen tests) As part of the government’s efforts to curb the …read more

Covid: Travelling safely in the pandemic

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As the world continues to suffer from Coronavirus without an imminent end in sight, it is time to adopt a few safety habits when travelling. Thanks to the vaccination programmes around the world, we are not in as much danger as we were in at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we are not …read more

Will the Covid winter plan extend free Rapid Antigen tests?

PCR Test and COVID-19 Vaccine

Access to the government’s free Rapid Antigen tests, which was to end by September initially, is being extended as part of the Covid winter plan. Rapid Antigen tests (also referred to as Lateral Flow tests) are currently being supplied by the NHS free of charge. The arrangement was previously meant to run only until 30 …read more

PCR tests or Lateral Flow tests: Which to take?

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PCR tests and Lateral Flow tests are the two most widely recommended COVID-19 detection methods, but each has distinct purposes. Like the common cold, COVID-19 seems like it is here to stay. Cases are rising and falling every day without any evident possibility of Covid retreating for good. While the world did come to a …read more

Managing cybersickness: Symptoms and remedies

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Read about the symptoms of the ever-pervasive cybersickness and how you can avoid suffering from this modern-day affliction. With society’s extensive dependency on digital screens nowadays, cybersickness is a very common problem. Cybersickness is a collection of symptoms caused by prolonged use of computers, TV, smartphones, or other digital devices with a screen that involves …read more

Covid: How to get the NHS rapid lateral flow tests?

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The NHS is providing rapid lateral flow COVID-19 tests for regular testing. It is advised that anyone who is not exhibiting any of the symptoms take the tests regularly. This is due to the fact that a third of the people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, do not have symptoms …read more

FemiWand treatment: Everything you need to know

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The results expectations and must-know info of VIVO Clinic’s vaginal tightening treatment with the FemiWand technology. The FemiWand technology is a ground-breaking update to the application of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU has been in active use for various medical and cosmetic procedures since its FDA clearance. In regard to its cosmetic applications, HIFU allows …read more

How to prevent skin damage in the winter

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The festive season of baubles, presents, and merrymaking may be the worst for your skin, but it does not have to be so. With winter on the way, there is much to look forward to: the festive fairs, cosy evenings, the possibility of snow (the pleasant kind, obviously), the holiday dinners, and Christmas shopping and …read more

Covid: Will the traffic light travel system be scrapped soon?

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There are indications that the current traffic light travel rules may be abandoned to be replaced by a simpler two-tier system. Currently, British travellers must adhere to the traffic light system when embarking on an overseas journey. The traffic light system designates countries to coloured lists based on the COVID-19 risks they pose. Countries with …read more