Minimising the spread of COVID-19 Important Information
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Do I need COVID-19 testing if I do not show any symptoms?

Scientist Using PCR Testing Machine In Laboratory

There is a misconception that COVID-19 testing is only for those who are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus. This is not the case. On the contrary, testing of those who do not experience symptoms is key to controlling the spread of COVID-19. There is evidence to support that people can be infected with COVID-19 without …read more

What is the right coronavirus test for me?

Covid-19 Virus Test

At VIVO Clinic, we understand that it can be difficult to know what type of COVID-19 test suits your circumstances. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, multiple tests have been introduced onto the market to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and it can be confusing to determine when each test should be used. Please …read more


Corona virus test kit - Swab sample for PCR DNA testing

The PCR Test is a swab test that certifies if you are currently infected with COVID-19. VIVO Clinic have partnered with government accredited laboratories to offer this. Clients are required to take a sample of their nose or mouth. Once this has been sent to the laboratory, medical professionals will analyse this sample to establish …read more

COVID-19 Test Clinic

Workforce Tests

VIVO Group are a COVID-19 Test Clinic with locations across the UK. We are implementing additional health and safety measures to facilitate testing in a manner which protects our staff and customers. At COVID-19 Test Clinic, we offer two types of In-Clinic Testing. The first of these is In-Clinic IgG Phlebotomist Testing, which involves a …read more

KN95 Masks


VIVO Clinic are now selling KN95 Masks. Read below to find out more about this type of mask, and how it is helping us to keep our staff and customers safe. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a variety of protective masks have come onto the market. At the current time, there are ongoing discussions about …read more

COVID-19 Test Kits

Rapid Test

Rapid IgM IgG antibody test kits We’ve partnered with COVID Virus Test to offer rapid IgM/IgG antibody COVID-19 Test Kits during the coronavirus pandemic. Like most businesses, VIVO Clinic has been affected by the spread of novel coronavirus and the resultant lockdown across the UK. We want to do everything possible to stop the spread …read more

Free Laser Hair Removal at VIVO Birmingham!

Laser Hair Removal

It’s official; summer is nearly here! Don’t let unwanted hair stop you from strutting your stuff – with our Laser Hair Removal treatment, you can feel comfortable and proud of your body. Our Tri-Beam Ice ensures that Laser Hair Removal is safe for all hair colours and skin types. Say goodbye to unwanted hair in …read more

VIVO to Open New Clinic on the International Space Station

VIVO in Space

In 2016, British astronaut Tim Peake ran a marathon while tethered to a treadmill on the International Space Station. While his efforts were inspiring to many people on earth, some of his fellow astronauts were not so impressed. At the time of Tim Peake’s run, Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Kopernik had been on ISS for 29 …read more

Mobile Treatment Service

Cryo at Home

Good news! We are pleased to announce the launch of our Mobile Fat Freezing Service! At VIVO Clinic, we understand that many people have busy lifestyles or find it difficult to come and visit one of our clinics. So if you are based in the UK, this could be the solution for you! Our therapists …read more

Skin Tightening London – Revolutionary RF Treatment

RF Skin Tightening

VIVO Clinic London now offers Skin Tightening treatments for your face and body, leaving you with skin that looks and feels brand new! A natural sign of the ageing process is the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. Our skin gets thinner and drier with age, losing its elasticity. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays …read more