How Can A Massage Benefit My Health?

Woman Enjoying a Massage

A massage is generally considered as a treat that releases tension in the muscles and enables you to relax. However, it also has numerous health benefits. By the end of this article, you may want to have a massage every week! Physical Benefits The obvious benefit is that a massage eases your muscles and forces …read more

No Time To Exercise?

Three People Riding Bicycles

Want to lose weight or have a more toned body, but have no time to exercise? It is very easy to get swept up in modern life, where all the free time we want or need seems to disappear before our eyes. This could be a result of a variety of reasons such as work, families, …read more

How the Sun Can Affect Our Health

Skin Damage

The majority of us love to be out in the sun, and can’t wait when it’s time to go on holiday, or for summer to arrive. However, a lot of us don’t realise the damage that the sun can cause to our health. In this article, we will explore how the sun can negatively impact …read more

Cheap PCR Tests?

Money in a Jar Labelled 'Travel'

There is currently a high demand for cheap PCR tests. We are constantly working with our partner labs to drive down the prices of the tests and be competitive with other private test providers. Due to the pandemic, travelling to a foreign country is impossible without COVID-19 PCR tests. Although non-essential foreign travel is banned …read more

Can Clothing Affect Our Health?


In modern society, people are constantly buying new clothes. Branded clothing is extremely popular and also rather expensive. Apart from having a negative impact on our savings, can clothing also affect our health? In this article, we explore the various ways in which everyday clothing can affect our bodies and lead to more serious health …read more

Does Make-Up Harm the Skin?

Make-Up Harm

Men and women all over the world wear make-up, whether it is for a special occasion, or on a daily basis. In the last decade, make-up tutorials have become some of the most watched online videos, and people use popular techniques such as contouring. Few of us stop to think if our skin is suitable for …read more

London: The books and the city

An Open Book with a Sketch of London Popping Out

As our London PCR testing locations expand to Heathrow and Gatwick, we take a look at some of the literature that came from this great city. London, a city with depth, charm, and mystique all its own, has naturally been a source of inspiration for fiction writers, past and present. While certain stories simply take …read more

Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Arm Exercises

It is difficult to keep in shape as we get older. Life gets in the way as we expand our families, and become busy at work. Sometimes it feels as if there is no time to exercise, and even when we do find the time, motivation is scarce. As a result, fat can build up …read more

What Are the Risks of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Woman's Hands forming a Heart Shape

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is thought to be a solution to the looseness of the vagina. A lack of tightness in the vagina is something women often experience when they get older. Of course age is not the only factor that causes this; childbirth and obesity also reduce the tightness of the vagina. This leads to …read more

Ultrasound Cavitation Belfast


Looking to get rid of stubborn fat? Our Ultrasound Cavitation treatment may be the ticket to your perfect body, and it is now available at VIVO Clinic Belfast! The treatment is a safe and non-invasive procedure that is comfortable and relaxing! The majority of our patients see significant results after only one session of Ultrasound …read more