About VIVO Clinic

Your safety and happiness are our number one priority, as well as ensuring we have the right equipment to deliver this. We, therefore, commit thousands of pounds each year on research and development, thriving to constantly better our services and our machinery. The equipment in use at our clinics is CE certified and frequently tested to ensure we align ourselves with European legislation. Therefore, rest assured you are in safe hands and are receiving the highest standard of treatment.


VIVO Clinic Promise

How is VIVO Clinic different?

We are dedicated to each patient, developing customised solutions while ensuring timely and successful results. We are flexible, conforming to our customer’s needs and working to meet their every expectation. We maintain relations with our clients to ensure they have the best care and support available, all while embracing new relationships. Put simply, VIVO Clinic is Unique.

VIVO Clinic Consultation

Our Ethical Approach

At VIVO Clinic, we believe in health and prosperity over profits and growth. If our procedures are not the right fit for you, we are brave enough to turn down business, as your safety and pure satisfaction is what drives us.

Our Team

The VIVO Clinic team is made up of industry experts, drawing on each other’s competencies to bring you the very best results. Through regular training sessions, we work hard to better our skills and update our knowledge of the industry. More importantly, our teams have a genuine passion for non-invasive treatments. We truly enjoy what we do, and this helps to create a loving and caring atmosphere for all of our clients.

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A few last words…

VIVO Clinic is dedicated to excellence, and we are dedicated to you. It’s relatively easy to write all you can do on a website; it’s not so easy to do what you claim. After all, it is your opinion of us that matters, so come in, see us for a free consultation, and we will show you what we can do.