Supersonic Cavitation

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Supersonic Cavitation (Inch Loss)
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Supersonic Cavitation (Inch Loss)

Ultrasonic Fat Melting

Fat Reduction - Includes Supersonic Cavitation, Radiofrequency Fat Melting & Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

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The amount of fat reduced per session depends on how an individual’s body responds to the treatment.

Every individual is different, and so are the results of the procedure.

Research shows that the treatment is capable of reducing around 1.5cm of fat in a single in-clinic session.

Ultrasound Cavitation being done on the Buttocks

The number of sessions required for the best results varies depending on the desired goals and fat density in the area undergoing treatment.

The best results can be achieved on average after 3 to 6 sessions.

The in-clinic sessions must be scheduled 4 to 7 days apart to reduce fat reabsorption.

Following the treatment, the skin above the treatment area may develop a mild redness.

Ultrasound Cavitation being performed on the Outer Thigh

No, it is not painful. Patients may experience a slight buzzing sensation due to the sound waves; this is in no way irritable.

It is a safe procedure.

As no surgery is involved in the procedure, none of the risks associated with fat reduction surgery is present.

Furthermore, VIVO Clinic is very conscious when it comes to patient safety.

Our facilities and equipment are inspected regularly to maintain high safety and performance standards.

As Ultrasound Cavitation does not involve any surgical means, patients do not have to recover from it.

Once the procedure concludes, you can leave the clinic and immediately return to your daily activities.

Ultrasound Cavitation done on the Abdomen

While there is no need for any formal preparation, it is important not to tan during your treatment as this could cause your skin to become overly sensitive to sound waves.

We recommend not tanning at least 3 days before your treatment to maximise results and minimise any risks.

Patients must drink plenty of water when undertaking treatment, as this will help metabolise the glycerol and fatty acids released from the fat cells. Healthy eating is advised during and after treatment to maintain results.

It is also important to refrain from consuming any alcoholic substance until three days after your treatment. This will enable your liver to remove fats more effectively without prioritising the metabolism of alcohol, which could impede results.

Ultrasound Cavitation performed on the Buttock

We offer quite a few popular fat reduction treatments, none of which involve any surgery.

Like Ultrasound Cavitation, the other treatments are affordable, effective, and safe.

Plus, none of them results in any downtime either.

The following are our most popular fat reduction treatments:

No, it does not. Ultrasound Cavitation only helps lose excess fat safely and painlessly.

You can look into our Radio Frequency Tummy Tightening procedure if you want to address loose abdominal skin.

And if you want to tighten your facial skin non-surgically, our HIFU Facelift has everything you will need.



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